Fun days out at Diggerland in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire.

We may be closed for 2021, but that doesn’t mean we can start planning next year’s fun days out! Our Diggerland parks in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire will reopen again fully in February 2022.

What can I do at Diggerland?

Here at Diggerland, we have 20 different rides and drives for guests to enjoy, all of which are included within the general admission price. Diggerland is the only UK theme park where visitors can ride and drive real construction machinery.

All three of our Diggerland parks have the same rides and drive available so you won’t be missing out at any park. Whether you fancy getting to grips with JCB diggers, taking a ride on Spindizzy or racing on the Go-Karts! Diggerland is ideal for fun days out for the whole family!

While all of our rides do have height restrictions, all children over the height of 90cm can enjoy a majority of the rides on offer. Plus, if your child measures under this they enter our parks for free! 

What’s more is that all of our parks have indoor soft play areas for children of all ages. This means children are guaranteed a fun-filled day whatever the weather. All of our outdoor activities are able to operate during the rain, although we understand it’s not the nicest! 

Fun days out at Diggerland

Can I bring a picnic to Diggerland?

Of course! Visitors are more than welcome to bring their own food and drink to Diggerland. If you choose to bring your own picnic you are welcome to leave it in the car and return to collect it when you’re ready to eat. 

Just be sure to see our admission team before you leave! They’ll ask to stamp your hand to ensure you can enter the park again. While all of our Diggerland parks do have on-site cafes, we would recommend guests with food requirements provide their own food while at Diggerland. 

Our Dig Inn cafes are run by a franchised company, and are not directly related to Diggerland. Therefore we cannot be certain they will be able to provide for food allergies, intolerance or other requirements.


Not sure when you can visit?

Perhaps you’re excited for some fun days out at Diggerland but aren’t sure when you’ll be able to visit? Why not have a look at our admission gift vouchers? All of our gift vouchers have a 12 month expiry date, meaning you don’t have to have a set date of when you want to visit when you purchase them.

These also work as a brilliant birthday or Christmas (it’s not that long away!) present for any digger lover. Our gift vouchers can be purchased for two, three or four people here.

Fun days out at Diggerland

Find Diggerland on What 3 Words!

We’re now on What 3 Words! What 3 Words is an online platform designed to help people identify any location in the world. It works by dividing the world up into three metre square and giving each square a unique three word code. This can be used to find any location and is often used by the emergency services to help locate people in need. 

If your car or phone sat-nav keeps directing you to the wrong place, you can now use What 3 Words to find Diggerland! Just enter the following three words online or on the What 3 Words app and you’ll be directed straight to your Diggerland park!

  • For Diggerland Kent, please enter: give.rugs.played
  • If you’re visiting Diggerland Durham, please enter: hippy.another.redouble
  • To arrive at Diggerland Yorkshire, please enter: nutrients.graph.unsigned