Fun Family Hobbies & Activities

Bring Diggerland Home with These Fun Family Hobbies and Activities

From the go-karts to the rides and drives, Diggerland is a bucket of fun for the entire family. But what happens when the day is over and you return back to your homes? How do you take a piece of Diggerland with you and create fun family hobbies? Check out these activities that can keep the spirit of construction alive in your home.

Geocaching Is the New Treasure Hunt

If you’re looking to find new family hobbies to enjoy, look no further than geocaching. As a virtual treasure hunt, geocaching gets your children outside and playing in the dirt with an educational twist. You simply download the app on your phone and select a hidden cache that is close to your location. Then, you use GPS coordinates and clues to help you find a hidden treasure. You and your kids will love the thrill of finding these prizes through caves, waterfalls, and even your local grocery store. With geocaching, the entire world becomes your gameboard.

Building Blocks

Your child probably plays with Lego, but how about you enhance their experience and make their building blocks even larger. You can buy giant, life-sized blocks online or make your own, and encourage children to build their own creations. Sit down and start to design a blueprint before heading straight into construction and see how close you can get to your original design. Then at the end, be sure to knock the blocks down. It’s definitely the most fun part of building and will also allow you to start the fun all over again.

Train Collecting

If your child loved the train section of Diggerland, why not encourage them to start their own model train collection. Take your kid to the store and help him or her pick out a train that speaks to them. Then, pick out tracks and other items such as mountains, trees, and stores that can bring your town to life. You and your family can spend hours building these sets and when you’re bored with it, simply add on to your town or start a new one.

Build a Go-Kart

One of the best bonding experiences between a parent and their child is to build a go-kart together. You can find a design plan online, or start from scratch and use your own imagination. Your child will learn about the mechanics of the vehicle and the two of you will enjoy valuable family time. Take the project day by day, and work on it a little every day after school. This will make the project more worthwhile. However, when it’s complete, invite everyone out to test your vehicle and watch your kid’s face light up.

Just because you left Diggerland doesn’t mean all the fun has to stop. It’s so easy to find new and fun family hobbies; you can create similar construction and outdoor activities to keep the family entertained between visits to the park.

* All information correct as of 24/11/2017.