Diggerland Chairman Successfully Completes High Wire World Record

Diggerland Chairman,  Hugh Edeleanu, successfully completed a unique and seemingly impossible World Record at the Diggerland adventure park. Located on the Medway Valley Leisure Park complex in Strood, Kent, at 4:30pm on Saturday 25th June 2022. Hosting an exclusive event at the Diggerland Kent park location, Diggerland’s flamboyant Chairman invited fans to join him and witness this momentous occasion.


In front of an audience of over 1,500 people, Hugh successfully completed an incredible world first stunt. Whilst 4 metres up in the air, Hugh drove a Komatsu digger weighing in at 2 tonnes over a tight rope from one platform to the other, across a 30 metre distance. 

Speaking of his accomplishment, Hugh Edeleanu commented: “I have done loads of stunts over the years but this was one of the most challenging and certainly the most risky.”

When asked if there were any more stunts planned for the future, Hugh said: “There will be but I can’t tell you. I like to keep things a surprise. No one knew about this digger tightrope stunt and people have been speculating about what was going to happen. I like to keep it exciting and let everyone enjoy the show.”

Do you want to watch the stunt? Check out our latest YouTube video to view all the action!

Digger Stunt - HE Open Day 2022
Hugh's Interview - HE Open Day 2022


Famed for his other World Records and unique displays using diggers in all manner of weird, wonderful and wacky demonstrations, Chairman Hugh, who also owns the UKs largest Digger Hire company, H. E. SERVICES really does not fail to impress. 

Hugh’s previous records and stunts include:

  • Completing a World Record in 1997 for the fastest journey in a JCB from John O’Groats to Lands End. Not once but twice, knocking a whopping 11 hours off his previous record.
  • Popping off a champagne cork using a digger and then pouring out the champagne into glasses using the same digger.
  • Hosting events such as Digger Wars (yes fighting diggers!) and Dancing Diggers.
  • Being swung around by a gigantic excavator whilst holding on with only his teeth.
  • In 2012 Hugh drove a Komatsu digger completely underwater and back out again.

This latest digger tightrope stunt certainly impressed all the spectators, with one viewer commenting, “It was most definitely impressive”. When asked what was going through their minds whilst Hugh did his stunt, another viewer said, “I thought he was going to die!” Hugh promises to continue to thrill audiences throughout the UK for many years to come.