Tips on how to surprise your family with a trip to Diggerland

3 Fun Ways to Surprise Your Family with a Diggerland Theme Park Trip

It is with good reason that Diggerland has been hailed the ultimate UK theme park experience. Apart from being the chosen destination for countless spontaneous family outings, a Diggerland trip can also double as a gift for a special occasion.

When gifting someone with such a special gift you may want to present it in a way that is both surprising and creative.

Thankfully, there are a number of ingenious ways in which you can present your family members with an outing to one of the four Diggerland locations across the UK. From organising a scavenger hunt to planning an unexpected discovery, let’s look at a few fun ways to give someone a surprise gift.

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt

A great way to present your loved ones with a Diggerland gift voucher is to organise a fun-filled scavenger hunt. You can make it as simple or challenging as you wish, either limiting the adventure to your own home or garden or extend it to the entire neighbourhood.

Scavenger hunts are enjoyed by children and adults alike. The difficulty of the clues will depend on who is partaking in the hunt. If you plan to take the whole family to Diggerland your clues may have to be simpler as when the planned trip is just for you and your partner. You can take your scavenger hunt to the next level by incorporating a construction machinery theme into all the clues. Just remember that the final clue will reveal the gift – a Diggerland gift voucher!

Making a special occasion out of it

Although children may be among its biggest fans, countless adults will list a trip to Diggerland Theme Park among their favourite fun experiences. Such experiential gifts are especially popular among couples who find it increasingly difficult to buy presents for a partner who seemingly already ‘has it all.’

If you really want to bring a smile to your partner’s face, surprise them with a Diggerland grown-ups evening complete with unlimited rides and drives and a personalised commemorative certificate. There are many ways to spring the surprise of a Diggerland party on your partner. It can be as easy as simply blindfolding them before driving them to your chosen Diggerland location or as complex as having the party be the final destination in an Amazing Race-type quest.

Unexpected discoveries are the best

Instead of simply handing over a Diggerland gift voucher, why not let the lucky recipient simply stumble upon it while they go about their business? The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to orchestrating an unexpected discovery.

If you want to surprise your children, hide a Diggerland voucher inside a cereal box, on top of a gaming console, or in a clothes drawer.  If you want to surprise your partner, on the other hand, consider places such as in a handbag or briefcase, inside the medicine cabinet, or on your car’s dashboard. Whatever hiding spot you choose, make sure it fits in with the intended recipient’s regular routine to ensure that the surprise factor is maximised.

A trip to Diggerland Theme Park will undoubtedly make the perfect gift for many special occasions. By presenting the gift in an unconventional way you can make the overall experience even more memorable.

* All information correct as of 01/10/2020.

Written by our Guest Blogger Jane Sandwood