Diggerland Strives Towards Sustainability

A recent survey done by Smartest Energy found that 90% of people said that we need to become far more conscious of how we use and consume energy in this country. It’s extremely important for companies to take responsibility for the resources that they’re using and be a part of the bigger picture. The survey found that 45% of people didn’t didn’t know the lengths that companies go to in order to help improve their sustainability. Did you know that Diggerland won an Excellence Award from Family Traveller? The award was given for Diggerland’s commitment to sustainability and the impact this has on the environment. The parks use innovative technology to help manage energy use. Clean and green is the way forward at Diggerland. 

Biomass boilers

Biomass boilers, which are completely carbon-neutral, are used in all the Diggerland parks. These work in a similar way to conventional oil or gas boilers; however, sustainably-sourced wood pellets are used to fuel the boilers. The system is so effective that the biomass boilers not only generate enough heat for the park’s needs, but also generate excess electricity, which is returned to the National Grid. The wood pellets used are far better for the environment than fossil fuels, which are swiftly depleting. The pellets are made from waste wood, which would otherwise have been put into the country’s landfill. 

Recycling at Diggerland

According to government statistics, only 45% of household waste is recycled in Britain. There, are, however targets to push this up to 50% by the end of 2020. To achieve a higher rate of recycling, it is important for everyone to take responsibility. At home you can look at ways of recycling your household rubbish and reducing your food waste. You can also look at how you can reduce your use of single-use plastics. At Diggerland, you’ll notice Fast Labels all over the park, reminding you to use the recycling bins for items such as paper, glass and plastic that you bring with your packed lunch and snacks. It’s extremely important to “think before you bin” if you want to drive up sustainability. 

Solar PV Panels

Many of the rides at Diggerland are now electric including Tractors, Go-Karts and Crazy Carts. The parks have also massively reduced the need for diesel generators. The parks have now been installed with photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, which help power the rides. The solar panels have been put on the roofs of many of the buildings. The power generated by these solar panels also helps to power and light the Diggerland parks. The energy that they produce is environmentally friendly, and will help to reduce the level of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Even the electric car terminals at Diggerland are powered by solar panels, meaning that you can charge your car, without polluting the environment. 

It’s important for companies and individuals to take responsibility for the environment. At Diggerland, innovative technology is used to help run the parks in a sustainable way. 

Electric Tractors
Crazy Carts

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* All information correct as of 28/06/2021.


Guest blog post written by Jane Sandwood.