Top 8 Self Esteem Activities for Kids

Family is the essential thing in our life. But sometimes we are too busy to spend time with children. Family day is an excellent opportunity to dedicate your attention to the dears. Besides, you can boost your children’s self-esteem, which is vital to foster a healthy sense of it because it will help them navigate the challenges of growing up and become successful adults. 

It is essential to improve it early and don’t forget to support teens. It is a susceptible period for self-expression, especially when imperfections such as overweight or acne appear. Help your child not worry about their appearance. For instance, please pay attention to a led light therapy face mask as it isn’t harmful and could help deal with acne. 

This material will discuss activities that you can do with your child to boost their self-esteem! Here are our Top 8 Self Esteem Activities for Kids!

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is the opinion we have of ourselves. It’s how much we like, respect, and believe in ourselves. People with high self-evaluation feel good about themselves most of the time. They know about all nonperfections, but accept that. People who have low self-esteem don’t feel terrific. They may put themselves down and think they’re not good. It’s essential to help our kids develop healthy self-esteem.

Why self-esteem is important for kids

Self-esteem is essential for kids because it helps them feel good and be confident in their abilities. When kids have a high level of this feeling, they are more likely to take risks, try something new, and believe in themselves. These things can lead to good relationships with others, build a happy family, and achieve success in life.

Family self-esteem activities

Families can do many fun activities together to boost children’s self-esteem — play favorite games together outside. Make homemade pizzas, cookies, or simple snacks together. Spend time talking and laughing together. Tell stories, play charades, or just listen to music. Take a trip to the park, walk around the neighborhood, or explore somewhere new. 

Also, we collected the best self-esteem games to do on Family Day. So, let’s look at our decided Top 8 Self Esteem Activities for Kids! 

Mirror mirror, what do you see?

One of the most important things you can do to boost your child’s self-esteem is to help them develop a positive body image. In this activity, you’ll look at yourself in the mirror with your child. While looking in there, point out all of the things you love about yourself. For example, “I love my smile” or “I love my curly hair.” After pointing out a few things you love about yourself, ask your child to do the same. It is an excellent opportunity for them to appreciate their physical appearance and everything that makes them special. Help your child understand that there are no “perfect” people in the world and that everyone has their unique qualities and features.

The tower of self-esteem

It is an activity to do with your child one-on-one. It will help them understand that they have many strengths and good qualities. Let your child list their strengths, things they are proud of, and accomplishments. Write these down on the construction paper or poster board. Once you have a list, help your child cut out each item and glue or tape it to the form in the shape of a tower. When finished, encourage them to stand back and admire their “Tower of Self-Esteem.”

Totika self-esteem game

It is a great game for helping kids feel good about themselves: each player takes turns rolling the dice and moving their piece around the board. 

The youngest player starts the game and plays passes clockwise. Roll the die and move your playing piece to the number of spaces indicated on your turn. If you land on an area with a positive symbol (+), you earn the number of self-esteem points shown. If you land on a space with a negative sign (-), you lose them. The first player to reach the finish line (with the most self-esteem points) wins the game!

Totem time

This activity can help build self-esteem in kids. Each member of the family shares something about themselves. It can be anything from a recent accomplishment to a character trait and even something you’re afraid of. Everyone takes turns sharing, and no one can interrupt or put anyone else down. This activity not only boosts self-esteem but also strengthens family bonds.

Diggerland - Groundshuttle

Explore hobbies

Try different activities with your child and see what they enjoy. It can be anything from playing sports to painting, cooking, or building things. Encourage your child to find an activity that they’re passionate about. You can visit the great place Diggerland. It is an amusement park where kids can play as if they were builders and can run construction machinery. You can have a happy day with the whole family and have a lot of fun there.

Pass the Mask

It is a funny game for groups. Each member gets a turn to be “it.” The goal is to make a silly face that expresses some emotion, and the other has to try to copy it. This game is not only hilarious but also helps kids to see that everyone has different facial expressions.

The Compliment of the Day

One way to start each day off positively is with the Day’s Compliment. Every morning at breakfast, take turns telling each other something you appreciate about the other person. It could be as simple as, “I like how you brush your hair,” or “You’re a great listener.” This exercise reminds kids that they are valued and appreciated, setting the tone for a confident day ahead.

Rory’s story cubes

It is a dice game that provides children with opportunities to create tales. The game’s object is to roll the nine cubes and then use the cubes’ images to create a story. This game helps improve imagination, storytelling, and communication skills.


The activities that we do with our kids can significantly impact their character. If we want to boost our child’s self-esteem, we need to be intentional about the kinds of activities we do with them. It helps children feel confident and secure, and it gives them the resilience they need to overcome challenges. Also, it is a perfect opportunity to know your child better and strengthen family relationships. We tried to inspire you to spend a day with the kids active and beneficial. We hope you enjoyed our Top 8 Self Esteem Activities for Kids. Thanks for reading!