How to Plan An Amazing Digger-Themed Party for Adults At Diggerland

Digging up dirt is an activity that’s often associated with children. But did you know that digging has become a popular activity among adults these days? Go on TikTok and scroll through the DiggingAHole hashtag, and you’ll find videos of individuals who are happily spending their free time making holes in the ground. The hashtag has nearly 12 million views, proving that carving deep holes in the dirt has become a trend worldwide.  

In the UK, organisations dedicated to digging have even been formed to encourage more people to engage in this fun pastime. University of St. Andrews student Charlie Mone, who set up a society called HoleSoc, said that people who come to their events “agree that there’s something awfully therapeutic about it.” Most diggers engage in this hobby just to have some fun. If you’re looking for an enjoyable way to spend time outdoors with your mates, why not have a digger-themed party this year, perhaps at Diggerland? Not only is it a unique way to celebrate friendships or a life milestone. It’s sure to be an event that your friends will never forget. Here’s how to plan an amazing digger-themed party for adults.

Choose Your Site

According to professional party and event planners, choosing the right venue is a must for a fun and successful celebration. For a digger-themed party, you’ll need to choose a site where you and your friends can spend a few hours digging deep or shallow holes. A backyard can be a good place to start, and it’s even better if you have a specific purpose for digging. Perhaps you’ll want to bury a time capsule, or maybe you and your friends may want to build an underground bunker and turn it into a man cave. Make sure to have all the necessary tools on hand, such as shovels, spades, digging bars, and buckets. For big projects, you’ll need an auger and a hand-held breaker to break up hard spots on the ground and make digging easier. 

Diggerland UK
Diggerland UK


If you live in the city and there’s nowhere to dig, don’t fret. You and your friends can always come to Diggerland to have a dig-tastic day. You’ll get to use giant diggers to make deep holes in the ground, and operate other construction machines under the guidance of trained staff. Afterwards, you and your mates can go on thrilling rides in this one-of-a-kind theme park. 

Prepare Some Refreshments 

What’s a digging party without food and drinks? Whether you’re digging to make a garden or an underground man cave, you’ll need lots of food to keep everyone’s energy levels up. Plan on serving hearty food that doesn’t require cutlery, such as sandwiches, pizza, and savoury hand pies. Provide some crisps to go with that. If you’re digging on a cold day, a nice, thick soup such as:

  • French onion soup
  • Cheddar broccoli
  • Vegetarian minestrone
  • Or noodle soup will hit the spot

Meanwhile, if it’s hot and sunny, consider having a barbecue and fire up the grill with your friends.

As for drinks, provide different options for your friends to choose from. Some may want a beverage with some alcohol in it. You’ll need to have some beers and cider in a cooler. You can also prepare a premixed cocktail in big batches for a stress-free digger-themed party. Some of the best big-batch cocktails that you can make include white wine Mojitos, a white sangria, or a peach Bellini. Don’t forget to have some non-alcoholic options too such as sodas, fruit juice, and water. If you’re having alcoholic drinks, plan on serving them after everyone’s done digging so you and your buddies can be safe. 

Diggerland UK
Diggerland Days Out
Diggerland - Dirt Diggers

Channel Your Inner Child

Not all digs have to have a purpose, and you don’t need to make or build something if you’re having a digger-themed party. Sometimes, it’s enough to sit on the dirt and make random holes and piles of soil on the ground. If you simply want to de-stress with your friends, bring out the plastic shovels, toy trucks, diggers, and toy excavators and have fun channeling your inner child. See if anyone has action figures, toy soldiers, or toy dinosaurs that they’d want to bring to the party, and just play. Studies show that playing can boost an adult’s creativity. Enhance your sense of humour, and help you cope with stress. So get into a play mindset and get digging!

Digging isn’t just for kids– it’s also a trendy activity that a lot of grown-ups enjoy. So gather your friends and grab a shovel, and do some digging in your backyard or at Diggerland to have a fun day that you’ll never forget!

Diggerland UK

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