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Join us for an exhilarating and uproarious event at the Devon County Show on Saturday, May 20th, 2023, at 1 pm! Prepare to witness a spectacle like no other as mascots from Devon’s top attractions gather for an unforgettable Mascot Race. This extraordinary race features the lovable and iconic mascots from all around the county, including the fan favorites, Duggy and Dotty from Diggerland theme park!

Get ready to cheer and laugh as these larger-than-life characters take to the track in a dash for glory. With their colorful costumes and boundless energy, they’ll leave you amazed and entertained throughout the entire race. This is a chance to see your favorite mascots like never before, showcasing their agility and athleticism in an action-packed showdown.

As the mascots go head-to-head, the atmosphere will be electric with excitement. The crowd will be roaring with anticipation, urging their beloved mascots to cross the finish line first. It’s a race that promises thrills, spills, and endless laughter for spectators of all ages.

As well as operating our four UK based Diggerland parks, we also attend a number of major outside events around the country, throughout the year!

If you’re an event organiser and would like Diggerland to provide a quote to attend your show with our diggers, please contact us on 01634 711 711 and select option 2 (Mon-Fri 08:00 – 18:00) or email

Dippy Ducks

Forget fishing… this family fun takes REAL skill!

You need concentration! You need great hand-eye coordination! Also, you need no small measure of patience to hook a little duck out of the water… and then to do it again!

How many will you catch? GOOD LUCK!

Dippy Ducks Challenge Outside Event

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If you love bowling, you’ll love this twist!

Even experienced operators have to focus hard to knock over all ten skittles with a mini wrecking ball. This one is a great favourite with young and old alike.

Take the controls and see if you can get a strike!

Skittles challenge at Diggerland - outdoor event
Skittles challenge at Diggerland - outdoor event

Simply click on each image for a larger view!