Tips on Social Distancing at Diggerland

Social Distancing Tips While Enjoying The Best Of Diggerland Theme Park

Businesses across the UK have already reopened in the era of new normality, with senior MPs telling the BBC that social distancing may nevertheless be required for at least the rest of 2020.

Diggerland Theme Park has adopted a host of measures to ensure your visit to the park is as safe as it is fun.

These include restricting visitor numbers, asking visitors to wear face coverings, and encouraging social distancing. If you are visiting the park, what steps can you yourself take to ensure you stay at a safe distance from other visitors?

Visiting In Small Groups to Diggerland Theme Park

In addition to visiting the park with friends, aim to make it a family affair. You can go on rides with other members of your family, having the ride of your life while staying safe. If you visit Diggerland Theme Park with family friends, stick by the rule of riding with your own family members if you can. You can still enjoy the company, but by sticking to the two-metre distance rule with friends, you can keep both them and you safer.

Maintaining Distances At Meal Time

When enjoying a snack or break at Diggerland’s Dig Inn, know that the restricted visitor number will mean that social distancing can be easily achieved. Thought is always put into the positioning of tables to allow ample space for staff and visitors, and tables will now be far enough away from each other to comply with safety rules.

You can also do your share by ensuring that you are seated at the required distance from friends or other families visiting the park. If you have a choice of seating, opt for different smaller tables for families rather than one large one for you and other families. Diggerland has many picnic benches throughout the park, so you can also opt to bring your own snacks instead.

Keeping It Clean

Make sure to wash your hands frequently, and bring hand sanitiser, taking extra care to clean your hands before handling food. If you are visiting on the same day as family friends, it is best if each family prepares its own snacks and if children enjoy their meal alongside their parents.

Try to sit at the required distance from friends at all times, only removing your face covering while you are eating or if you are standing at a far enough distance from each other. Finally, try to eat food with utensils instead of your hands, or opt for snacks with wrapping you can hold on to while tucking in.

Wearing Face Coverings

While you may not be required to wear facial coverings in all parts of Diggerland, you may be required to do so while you are on some rides.

If so, make it fun for kids by purchasing them cute masks with animal prints or other designs that will make them seem more like a fashion statement. You should ensure that masks are on particularly if your children are playing with other children and, at times, they occasionally get a little closer to each other than the two-metre minimum calls for.

Diggerland is a super fun outdoor activity that is ideal for active families wishing to enjoy a safe time in the great outdoors.

If you will be visiting with friends, ensure you stand at least 2 metres apart and wear face coverings if you can, even in areas where it is not obligatory. Enjoy snacks and food, but sit at least 2 metres away from friends. Make your own food or buy food at Dig Inn, making sure to wash your hands before eating, and to use utensils if possible so that your hands do not touch your mouth.

* All information correct as of 17/09/2020.

Written by our Guest Blogger Jane Sandwood