Visiting Diggerland with a Disability

Children with Special Needs Have a Great Time at Diggerland Theme Park!


Around 8% of children in the UK have special needs, including learning difficulties, hearing impairment, visual impairment, physical disabilities, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

If you have a child with special needs then you may wonder if they would enjoy a day out at Diggerland. This fun park has a host of facilities aimed at making a visit easier and more practical – including parking, and free entrance for carers of disabled visitors.

This means that if your child loves nothing more than playing with toy diggers and dreams of being able to drive or ride in a real-life digger, then taking them to Diggerland Theme Park may just become their favourite activity!

Children with Wheelchairs

It is easy to get around Diggerland if your child has a wheelchair. Most surfaces comprise tarmac and gravel and entryways are wide enough to easily negotiate.

You can leave your wheelchair on terra firma while your child is enjoying an amazing ride alongside you in a digger. Some machines are easier to access than others and you will need to lift or assist your child yourself.

Moreover, not all machines are ideal so it is important to be flexible with the type of activity you choose. The good news is that most diggers are operated using hand controls only and these do not require great power to handle.

Catering to Different Needs

Children with ASD can be very much into specific toys and if cars and diggers are their thing, then they may ask you for a ride almost immediately. However, children who are sensitive to motor sounds may not wish to climb up on a digger, in which case you should ideally bring safe toys your child loves so they can keep entertained.

Ensuring they have age-appropriate toys that are shatter-proof and don’t contain sharp edges is a good idea when you are visiting Diggerland as a group. If you are visiting the park with your partner and other kids, for instance, they can enjoy an active ride while children who prefer with their own toys stay focused on carrying out familiar activities.

Finding a Ride Your Child Enjoys

For a super fun experience at Diggerland, let your child lead the way in terms of the activities he or she chooses.

Kids who love being in the company of other little ones will love the sound of laughter and elation at rides like the Groundshuttle, in which all they have to do is sit back while the driver takes them on a fun-filled adventure.

Those who prefer to be with parents and other people they already know might opt for a safari ride to view the beautiful natural surroundings.

Children who normally get around on wheelchairs may love controlling a digger while digging for Buried Treasure using a Komatsu PC14 mini digger. This activity takes loads of concentration and is ideal for children who are goal-oriented.

Diggerland Theme Park offers a fun day out for adults and kids alike, with so many activities to partake in.

There are many areas in the park in which you can relax, too, so children who aren’t into rides can play with their favorite toy while siblings are digging up land or finding treasure. The key to making the most of a visit is to go with an open mind and to let your child define their own idea of fun.

* All information correct as of 04/08/2020.

Written by our Guest Blogger Jane Sandwood.