Are there time slots to enter Diggerland?

No, once you purchase tickets you are welcome to turn up anytime from 10am when we open. This is also noted on your booking confirmation email.

What does the general entry admission price include?

The general entry admission price covers all of the main Diggerland rides & drives. Optional extras include the dodgems, quad-bikes and superdigs, which are charged at £1 per go. We accept both cash and card payments. Please bring spare change to enjoy the coin operated rides.

Where is Diggerland and what's the address?

We have four Diggerland theme parks, located in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire.

Diggerland Kent Park:
Roman Way
Medway Valley Leisure Park

Diggerland Devon Park:
Verbeer Manor
EX15 2PE

Diggerland Durham Park:
Langley Park
County Durham

(Some satnavs seem to have trouble with this. If need be, enter “Front Street” Langley Park as the address. Diggerland is located on Riverside Industrial Estate, just off Front Street). By the time you are close to it, you will already start to see the brown and white tourist attraction signs on the nearby roads.

Diggerland Yorkshire Park:
Willowbridge Lane
West Yorkshire
WF10 5NW

What are the height restrictions?

To see the height restrictions applicable to individual rides please click here.

On most rides, the minimum requirement for height is 90cm (measured with shoes on).

Ticket prices apply for children over 90cm (measured with shoes on).

Any child under 90cm is admitted free of charge (measured with shoes on).

90cm is equivalent to 0.9 metres, 35.4 inches or 2 feet and 11 inches.

Each child around the 90cm mark will be measured at Diggerland on arrival (measured with shoes on)

Can I attend as a single adult with more than one child?

All single adults are more than welcome to visit Diggerland with more than one child, however please be aware if they are under the recommended height restriction they will need to be accompanied by an adult, which may leave a child waiting alone.

Please see our rides and drives page for more details.

I am pregnant, do I have to pay & can I enjoy the rides?

The majority of our rides and attractions are very gentle as we have young children enjoying, riding and operating them, so these should be fine. We would suggest having a look at our ride page prior to visiting, each ride (when you click on one) has more information and a short video. 

We would recommend probably not going on the Spindizzy, Groundshuttle, JCB 3CX ride/drive or Dodgems. Please note unfortunately as all our rides & attractions are included in the entrance price and it is not a pay per ride attraction park, all members who are attending the park are required to purchase an entrance ticket. We also cannot provide discounts for pregnant women.

Please bear in mind, some younger children may be required to sit on an adults lap, which may prove difficult for children accompanied by pregnant visitors only.

When will the new Diggerland Worcestershire park open?

Unfortunately the planned Diggerland at The Valley in Evesham will not be going ahead.

Currently we are looking at a number of other possible sites in the Worcestershire area. Once we have more information we will notify all members of the public via the Diggerland website, social media, ENewsletter (if subscribed) and the press. To sign up to receive the latest news from Diggerland, please do so here.

Are there price concessions for disabled visitors? What facilities do you have for disabled visitors?

Please click here for more information about disability access in Diggerland.

Do you provide queue jump passes?

Diggerland does not provide queue jump passes. Our queues typically are no longer than 40 minutes per ride on busy day due to having over 100 machines and 20 different rides and drives. Please note queue jumping is strictly prohibited.

How can I phone Diggerland?

0871 22 77 007 (Calls cost 10p per minute plus network extras.) Some mobile network providers block 0871 numbers, if you are unable to reach us on 0871 22 77 007 using your mobile phone, please try to call from a landline or alternatively you can phone 01634 711711 and ask to be put through to Diggerland Head Office.

Does Diggerland offer ATM/Cash Machines?

We have an ATM/Cash Machines at our Diggerland Yorkshire park which charges a £1.25 fee per transaction. Unfortunately we do not have cash machines at any other location.

Is Diggerland Health & Safety cautious?

We want all visitors to have fun and to be safe. Diggerland undertakes a full Health & Safety audit annually, in addition to regular audits carried out by Health & Safety consultants.

While there are many “hands-on” activities at Diggerland, it is the responsibility of each parent or guardian to supervise those children who are under their care whilst at Diggerland. Children under 13 years of age should be accompanied by an adult (aged 16 or older) at all times.

View all of our Health and Safety measure in place in line with all COVID-19 restrictions.

Height restrictions apply to each individual ride or attraction and are displayed at the entrance to each activity. Please take a moment to read them carefully before considering them for you or your child. For your safety, our staff cannot make exceptions to these restrictions.

Do you accept payment by credit/debit card?

We accept all the following cards at the admissions tills and in the Goodie Store:

  • Visa
  • Visa Debit
  • MasterCard
  • Delta
  • Visa Electron

Our food area at Yorkshire accepts card payments with a minimum spend of £5. Our food area at Durham can accept card payments, but with a minimum card spend of £10, unless the customer uses contactless which does not have a minimum spend. Those at Kent do have card payment machines.

What should I wear?

Diggerland is a family attraction and we ask that you wear appropriate clothing whilst in the theme park. Any guest deemed by the Park Manager to be wearing inappropriate clothing may be asked to change clothes or to leave Diggerland.

Most activities involve riding or driving real construction machinery, and we would strongly advise against wearing flip-flops or similar footwear as they do not afford much protection to your feet. Customers should be aware that access will be denied to certain machinery if appropriate closed in footwear is not worn. Suitable footwear includes closed in footwear such as trainers, flat shoes, flat boots or wellies. High heels must not be worn on any machinery.

Virtually all activities take place outdoors.

In wet weather there is a chance that you may get a little muddy, so bringing a change of footwear for the journey home is a good idea.

What if the weather is bad?

Diggerland is predominantly an outdoor attraction with all the digger rides and drives situated out in the open air. Some rides and attractions may close in the event of high winds, thunder or lightning, if the Park Manager decides that such action is required.

In the event of rain we do have indoor play areas for younger children, which are included in the entry price. Umbrellas and rain wear may be purchased from the Goodie Store.

Diggerland regrets that refunds will not be issued due to inclement weather. If you come prepared for the weather you will still have a great day!

Can I go out and come back later in the same day?

If you wish to leave Diggerland and return the same day, at no extra charge, please have your hand stamped in the Goodie Store.

Failure to obtain a hand stamp will result in you not being re-admitted.

Production of a ticket will not be proof of re-entry. Refunds or exchanges are not possible in the event of poor weather or attraction closure.

Has Diggerland considered the threat of terrorism?

Yes, Diggerland has considered the threat of terrorism. Risk assessments have been carried out. Diggerland would class the attraction as a ‘low risk’, with the likelihood of a terrorist attack being very small, however for the security of our staff and customers, procedures have been put in place. Diggerland’s terms and conditions have been updated, which states: ‘For security purposes, Diggerland reserves the right to search any coats, bags, rucksack and similar items of its patrons wishing to or having entered Diggerland.  In the even that a patron refuses to have his/her bag, rucksack, coat etc. searched then Diggerland reserves the right  to prohibit entry into Diggerland and any payment already made in respect of the entry shall be forfeited.’ Further information regarding Diggerland’s terms and conditions can be found here –

What is your policy regarding smoking/vaping?

Diggerland is a venue for families and young children. We have set up a designated smoking& vaping area at each park, AWAY from the rides and drives. This is the ONLY area in Diggerland where smoking & vaping is allowed.

Smoking and vaping is NOT allowed in any of the other outdoor spaces, or whilst queuing for rides and drives, or in the restaurant or shops.Cigarettes, tobacco and e-cigarettes are not sold on-site.

Please ask a member of staff where the designated smoking & vaping areas are located. Diggerland reserves the right to remove anyone from the queue for rides/drives who is smoking or vaping.

Is there somewhere to eat?

Our three Diggerland UK Theme Parks each have a food outlet, which provides a great selection of hot and cold refreshments.

Can we bring a picnic?

You may bring a picnic to Diggerland, which can be eaten in an allocated restricted area. All our locations have picnic benches in the grounds but none of them have any covered areas where you can eat a picnic. Visitors may not take their own meals into the restaurant areas to eat.

For safety reasons, we ask visitors not to bring glass bottles into Diggerland.

Can I bring my dog with me?
Diggerland does not allow entry of dogs to our sites, with the exception of Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs. This is for the safety of other visitors, as well as your pet. We also ask that you do not leave your dog in your vehicle, as the Diggerland car parks are not shaded and dogs can very quickly become distressed. To view details of kennels local to our Diggerland parks, please click here.
Does Diggerland provide charging points for electric/hybrid cars?
Diggerland provides free-to-use charging points for its patrons with electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. Those who are not visiting Diggerland can plug in and charge for a flat fee of £5, for a time period up to two hours. To find out more information, visit our blog post here.
Do you have baby changing/bottle warming/breastfeeding facilities?

Each park provides most if not all of these facilities. A break down of the facilities that each park provides is listed below:

Durham Park:

Baby Changing – Yes in the disabled toilet.
Breast Feeding – Yes, breast feeding is welcomed at the Durham park. There is not anywhere specific however mothers may use the children’s play area or the Baby Changing area for privacy.
Bottle Warming – Yes, please request within the Dig Inn cafe.

Kent Park:

Baby Changing – Yes in the disabled toilet.
Breast Feeding – Yes, breast feeding is welcomed at the Kent park. There is not anywhere specific however mothers may use the children’s play area or the Baby Changing area for privacy.
Bottle Warming – Yes, please request within the Dig Inn cafe.

Yorkshire Park:

Baby Changing – Yes.
Breast Feeding – Yes, breast feeding is welcomed at the Yorkshire park. Private rooms are available for this purpose, please ask a member of staff for assistance.
Bottle Warming – Unfortunately the Yorkshire park are unable to provide this service.

How old do you have to be to drive the diggers?
You can enjoy different rides and drives at the Diggerland park depending on height as oppose to age. You can view our Ride Height Chart to see what you or members of your party can go on.
How old do children need to be to enter Diggerland alone?

Minimum age for unaccompanied children is 13 years

Minimum age to accompany a younger child is 16 years

Do you offer a fast track system?
Our queues typically are no longer than 40 minutes per ride on busy days. We cannot guarantee what the ride queue times will be for any specific day.
Why haven't I received an email confirmation for my online booking?
Our email confirmations are sent automatically after a successful booking. Before making contact with us, please check your spam/junk folder as our emails may end up in there, this often occurs with Hotmail and Outlook email accounts.