Schools, local charities and other organisations within the area are all helped by the Diggerland Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. Thousands of Diggerland tickets are given away per year to charitable causes in order to help with various fund-raising events. Further information about making a donation request can be found here. If you are a registered charity, you can benefit from being our charity of the week scheme.


Once a year, each season, Diggerland give away free tickets to school teaching staff so that they may enjoy Diggerland at their leisure with friends or family. This enables the teaching staff to recognise the educational benefits of bringing a class to Diggerland.

Teachers at Diggerland
Hospital Charity


Diggerland supplies raffle and auction prizes to PTAs, charities and voluntary groups. We also attend various charitable events across the UK.


The business brings in a huge amount of spend locally in the area, as customers travel on average up to an hour to visit a Diggerland park, using services into and out of the area. This includes motorway services, petrol stations, local shops and restaurants and public transport. It is estimated that through these mediums, Diggerland brings in £2m to the area per year.

Local Tourism


Diggerland is a serious and committed employer, employing around 200 members of staff at Head Office and the parks, ranging in ages however primarily focusing on 16-24 year old’s. With local school 6th forms, colleges, universities and now the new Medway UTC focusing on construction, Diggerland has its choice of excellent candidates to hire. Diggerland is a committed employer and senior members of staff have worked for Diggerland since before it opened its doors to the public, some 15 to 16 years ago.


At Diggerland, we hold annual staff days whereby trees and shrubs are planted at our theme parks, to provide a greener environment. This is important not only to heavily improve the landscaping of our sites, but also to expand the habitat of wildlife and help species survive. Our Kent site is an old landfill site and we manage the site carefully. We flare off the methane, which helps reduce the damage to the o-zone layer. By burning the methane it produces carbon monoxide that is 100 times less harmful to the ozone of the atmosphere than methane. Gas infrastructure when Diggerland moved on the site was poor, but now Diggerland has worked hard to get this to 100% and we reduce the effects methane has on the atmosphere by at least 90%.

We have carbon-neutral biomass boiler systems that not only provide heat for the premises but which also generate surplus electricity. In the last 5 years all Diggerland parks have been heavily involved in installing solar PV panels on our roofs thus helping to reduce the effects of greenhouse gases by producing environmentally friendly energy. This means Diggerland produces its own electricity. At the Diggerland parks we use electric vehicles where possible as we find them environmentally friendly. These vehicles include our Mini Landrovers and Go-Karts. We are currently in the process of researching environmentally friendly machines, which we are looking to purchase for our parks.