Diggerland are very pleased to be able to announce that all four Diggerland UK theme parks will be reopening on Monday 12 April 2021, just in time for the last week of the Easter holiday.

All outdoor activities will be available but we are sorry that indoor play area will have to remain closed for a further 6 weeks, as a minimum, due to government restrictions. There will also be restrictions on food and beverage. Full Covid-19 compliance will be in place and we will be restricting the number of daily visitors to ensure that everyone can maintain social distancing.

At the moment visitors can not pre-book tickets for specific days, but our 2 year discounted open tickets are still available to purchase (but only up to the end of March ’21) online by clicking this link.

Duggy, Dotty and the Diggerland team look forward to welcoming you back to Diggerland when we reopen.