What should I wear to Diggerland?

What should I wear to Diggerland Theme Park?


The top amusement parks in the UK have seen an average turnover of 4.8% in 2018 driven by a growing number of millennial consumers looking for new experiences during their free time. Diggerland Theme Park is perfect for this!

As more people seek adventure tourism during holidays, theme parks offer a different world to have fun and spend quality time with friends or family.

Part of making sure that your trip to Diggerland will be a success is to dress up appropriately. Wearing the right clothes and shoes ensure that you’ll have a comfortable and safe stay making your outing a memorable one.

Consider the Weather

Although Diggerland is not open in winter, you still should consider the weather when visiting the park.  You may get unexpected rain which means that bringing an extra pair of footwear is a good idea to keep your feet dry. There’s nothing more annoying than moving about in wet shoes.

Bring a raincoat to protect yourself from getting soaked if there is a sudden downpour. It does not hurt to prepare for a drizzle by carrying a rain poncho in your bag. Ponchos are not heavy and would easily fit in your rucksack.

There are also disposable ones that you can buy if you don’t want to deal with the wet mess afterwards. Just make sure you are disposing them properly to respect environmental concerns.


How to Dress Up

The best style of dressing when going to Diggerland is to layer up donning a t-shirt or top as base. Throw in a cardigan or jumper to keep you toasty if temperatures are nippy.

When shopping for clothes, look at the material and consider the advantages of each fabric type. For example, cotton is a natural fabric that is breathable enhancing your comfort.

Garments that have Lycra or Spandex in them such as leggings and athletic wear offer ease of movement because of the stretch material. A pair of shorts is also ideal so that you are free to move inside an excavator without fear that your trousers will get caught in something. If you’re wearing trousers, ensure that they are not too long to avoid tripping in them or at worst,  getting the hem tangled in the pedals.

When it comes to footwear, fit flops, slip slops, slip ons and any other type of slippers must be avoided.

At Diggerland, you’ll be very active digging dirt, driving go karts, dumping earth, enjoying a safari, or playing indoors. Wear closed shoes such as wellies, trainers, flat shoes, or flat boots to protect and support your feet. Do not show up in high heels as they can affect your ability to operate the machinery safely.

Diggerland has tons of activities that will suit a wide range of age groups, subject to certain restrictions. Dress properly and you will surely relish your day in the outdoors feeling relaxed and safe.

* All information correct as of 25/08/2021.

Written by our Guest Blogger Jane Sandwood