Top Tips on how to exercise during Lockdown!



Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to find time to exercise – and with home schooling and a global pandemic on top of this, it may feel near impossible.

For parents, exercise often takes a back seat when up against more pressing concerns like getting enough sleep, cooking and taking care of your family. 

The key to making time for exercise is finding a physical activity that you enjoy and one that works with your schedule and lifestyle.

From managing your time to investing in activewear that makes the transition from home schooling to home workouts easy, keep reading to discover Diggerland Theme Park’s top tips on working out whilst being a parent.



You don’t have to carve out hours upon hours a day to exercise! Even if you only manage 20 minutes of movement a day, this is still enough to make a positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. 

If you live with a partner, sit down with them and plan your workouts around their schedule as well as your children’s. Take turns with babysitting duty, as they may want to find time to work out too! 

You could even try the 10-10-10 plan where you exercise for 10 minutes three times a day. This means you can spread your workouts throughout your day, scheduling in some physical activity whenever you’ve got time – this could be in between meetings, when your kids are napping, or when they’re out with your partner.

If you are struggling to find the motivation to pencil your workouts into your diary, then why not try buddying up?

From brisk, socially distanced walks to joining an online workout class with a friend, there are so many options when you don’t want to brave the fitness journey alone.

Working out with one other friend is ideal because if it’s in your calendar and you are expected to show up, then you’re less likely to miss it!

Workout diary


If you can’t beat them, join them! If your children won’t leave your side, then let them join in when you’re exercising. There are some great online family workout classes which have the double benefit of getting you and your child moving, as well as giving you some great bonding time. 

You can also exercise outdoors with your children. A family bike ride or jogging with your stroller brings the whole family together to get some fresh air and kick-start their fitness.

Kicking a football about or playing tag in the garden is more tiring than you think! Maximise your playtime outdoors with your children to get some much needed cardio.

For the times when you can’t leave your children but want to work out alone, use the art of distraction. If you have young children, get a playpen with some special toys that are only brought out whilst you are exercising.

Giving your child toys that they don’t usually play with allows them to use their imagination more, therefore keeping them occupied for longer while you exercise. 

If they are a bit older, find a favourite movie or television programme to put on while you work out. Both of these methods help keep your children busy with activities that they genuinely look forward to, leaving you free to work out.

Woman exercising with child


During workouts, it’s important to make sure you wear something comfortable so that you can easily transition from your workout to playing with your children. 

Wearing the wrong gear can cause injury, so make sure to opt for clothing specific to the physical activity you will be doing.

Look for clothing that provides protection against impact, strain or overheating. We recommend investing in good quality compression wear as this increases circulation and blood flow, delivering much needed oxygen to the muscles.

You also want to ensure that your activewear is both comfortable and gives you adequate protection from your environment.

In these cold winter months, opt for more layers in breathable, comfortable materials so that you stay warm but don’t overheat – whether it’s lightweight hoodies or sculpting leggings.

For all the activewear you could possibly need, check out the recently launched Denise Lewis X Next Edit, designed for mums on the go.



It’s not easy trying to find the time to work out and take care of your children during lockdown.

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to do that exercise class you were keen to do, or go on a run in between childcare duties. Do the best that you can do and don’t compare yourself to your marathon runner friend or cross-fit obsessed co-worker.

There is no need to put pressure on yourself because exercise is meant to be fun!

For those struggling, it is important to build a support system of people that help you find the time for your own physical and mental health, whether that be your spouse or your running partner.

There is no shame in asking for help, so find some like-minded parents and help each other out, because juggling childcare and exercise is easier said than done.

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Hopefully we have given you some useful tips on how to pencil in your workouts around your children! Diggerland Theme Park will be opening soon, but in the meantime, have a look at our gift vouchers and get planning your next visit! 

For more parenting hacks and lockdown inspiration, be sure to check out the Diggerland Blog.

Written by our Guest Blogger Grace Crozier