Food Outlets

Rated 5* by the Food Standards Agency

The food outlets at Diggerland provide a great selection of hot and cold refreshments.

Please kindly note however that each Diggerland cafe is a franchise and therefore variations do apply. The below food options are examples only and not everything is available at all parks.

 Menu & prices are correct at time of publishing but may be subject to change.

All four Diggerland UK Theme Parks have outside picnic benches and tables for you to enjoy your food in the open air. You may bring your own picnic to Diggerland, please note that food not purchased from the Diggerland food outlets cannot be eaten inside any of Diggerland’s facilities.

The option to warm bottles for young children vary by location:

  • There is a microwave at Diggerland Kent for customers to use.
  • There is a microwave and bottle warmer at Diggerland Devon for customers to use.
  • Unfortunately Diggerland Durham and Yorkshire are unable to provide this service.