Sustainability Statement – Diggerland

As well as being buckets of fun for everyone, we at Diggerland do our bit to help the planet. Here are some of the great things we do to keep things as green as possible!

Solar Power

At all of our Diggerland parks you may notice the solar panels on the roofs that have been provided and installed by Sun Power Services. All the electricity we use comes from solar power. Even some of our rides, including the Mini Landrovers and the Go-Karts are powered using energy from the sun!

sustainable at diggerland solar

Reducing Waste

We hate waste at Diggerland and so we use as many sustainable products as possible. We are also very passionate about recycling and packaging that we use. We even recommend that our guests bring water bottles with them to help reduce the amount of plastic that is used.

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Green Heating

It’s not just electricity that we produce ourselves, we also use something called bio-mass boilers which use cast-off wood chips for heating all of our buildings. We also use ground source heat pumps for even greater sustainability.

Green Travel

Many of our staff either walk to work or travel by bike. Not only is this great exercise, it also reduces the impact on the environment. Our management team at Diggerland all drive company cars that are 100% electric and don’t need harmful petrol or diesel to power them. All of our Diggerland parks also have electric car chargers which can be used by our guests. We really appreciate your efforts in helping the environment too!

Our Annual Staff Planting Day

Our staff love getting involved in keeping Diggerland green, and once a year they all have green fingers! Lots of trees are planted around Diggerland for lots of great reasons. Not only does the greenery look amazing, it is also home to a whole load of local wildlife that thrives in the area. Look around you and you may see lots of interesting animals around the Diggerland parks. Our staff are all really environmentally friendly and they totally… dig it!


Eco-friendly partnerships

At EVision we often partner with other brands that have a positive eco friendly practice. Whether this be through our monthly prize draw, the supply of electric vehicle hardware, such as charge points, or through the sharing of eco friendly knowledge. EVision’s green mission goes far beyond just electric vehicles.

Sustainable Suppliers

When obtaining supplies from a third party, Diggerland will always look for companies that have a strong environmental and sustainability ethos.

Reducing Methane Emissions

Our Diggerland park in Kent was built on top of an old landfill site where rubbish used to be buried. As the rubbish rots it produces something called methane gas which is very harmful to the environment. At Diggerland we use a high tech flame that burns 99.9% of the methane gas, so that it can’t harm the planet.