Feeding The Family At UK Theme Parks

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Feeding The Family At Diggerland

Children between the ages of six and 12 will consume between 1,600 and 2,200 calories a day. If they’re very active, then it will be nearer 2,200, and at Diggerland they will definitely be active! On a fun day out, you will find that having refreshments regularly will keep everyone happy and content. There are plenty of places at Diggerland where you can get snacks and a bite to eat. There are family favourites, like jacket potatoes and burgers, as well as healthy snacks including Mediterranean classics and tortillas. At each of the Diggerland UK theme parks, there are several food and drink outlets, and you can also enjoy a picnic on the outside tables and benches.  

Fuelling The Grown Ups

Caffeine is extremely important when you are spending the day digging, so there are plenty of options for tea and coffee offered at Diggerland. If a latte isn’t strong enough, you can get a delicious espresso. Espresso has more caffeine per ounce than ordinary coffee, and is made using a finer ground of coffee beans. The coffee is pushed through a special espresso machine using steam and water. It’s a little kick of energy, so that you can get busy on the dirt diggers. A lovely cup of tea is also an option, and you can try a herbal tea, which is hot and refreshing. Several of the food outlets offer an alcoholic drink, including beer, cider and wine. If you’re camping, you might enjoy a beer with your evening dinner, sitting out with friends and family. Or if you are feeling really fancy, why not hire a private chef?

Big breakfasts

Diggerland is open from 10am, ready for a delicious and hearty breakfast. If you’re staying on the Diggerland campsite in Devon and don’t have cooking facilities, you can have something to set you up for the day before you start digging and enjoying the rides. Options include bacon, eggs, hash browns, sausages, mushrooms, beans, and even chips. For babies and toddlers, there is a microwave available at the Devon and Kent sites, so you can heat up milk if needed. Several of the food outlets also have breakfast baguettes, including sausage and bacon – these are available for takeaway, so you can eat them while you walk around the park. 

Buried Treasure

Lunch and dinner

If you haven’t brought a picnic, don’t worry: there are plenty of options for lunch at dinner at Diggerland, all at reasonable prices. Cheese burgers and spicy bean burgers are always a popular option for children and adults alike, and can even be served with chips and gravy at some outlets. There are also plenty of sandwich options, including filled rolls and sandwiches, toasties, freshly made Paninis, and tortilla wraps. Some of the Diggerland outlets also offer Mediterranean options, including lamb doners in pitta bread with houmous and halloumi. There are children’s menus if you want to order smaller portions so that everyone is well-fed and happy. 

You can easily feed your whole family at the Diggerland UK theme parks. There are plenty of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you can be sure you’ll always have plenty of energy for digging. 


If you’re ready to experience the ultimate UK family day out, then head on over to our website to get your tickets. We recommend that customers pre-book their tickets online to guarantee their entry. Due to the pandemic, we have reduced our visitor numbers to ensure our guests can socially distance around the park. 

To date (12/05/2021) visitors can choose from the following tickets options if they pre-book:

  • £22.80 for anyone over the height of 90cm
  • £11.40 for visitors over 65
  • Anyone under 90cm will enter free of charge

Visitors also have the option to pay on the day (£28.00pp) however this will be based on ticket availability. As restrictions ease we hope that we will be able to increase our visitor capacity soon!

In the meantime we hope you had a dig-tastic day out at any of our 4 UK Diggerland theme parks. 

* All information correct as of 18/05/2021.