Privacy Policy

DIGGERLAND ADVENTURE PARKS are fully committed to respecting, protecting and maintaining their valued customers’ rights to privacy and confidentiality. To this end…
Diggerland Adventure Parks only collects information from Patrons that is relevant to providing them with appropriate replies to enquiries, submitting accurate estimates or quotations, &/or which is necessary to process bookings/orders/purchases and any payment(s).
  • Such information may include, but shall not necessarily limited to: name, business (for Corporate bookings) or home and e-­‐mail addresses, business &/or home &/or mobile/smart telephone numbers, date of birth and current age, and credit &/or debit card(s) details.

Diggerland Adventure Parks will not retain &/or store by electronic, paper or other means, credit &/or debit card(s) details subsequent to any payments due having been successfully processed.

Any and all information that may be collected and held by Diggerland Adventure Parks will be kept in full accordance with the UK’s Data Protection Act (DPA), 1998, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and, where applicable &/or appropriate, within the scope and boundaries of any and all data protection legislation enacted by British protectorates, as well as pan-­‐EU and individual EU Member States data protection laws.

In addition to contacting Patrons in relation to the provision of the service(s) that they have requested, Diggerland Adventure Parks &/or its corporate partners may correspond with patrons either by letter, e-­‐mail or other means to convey such things as, but not necessarily limited to, Diggerland Adventure Parks &/or its corporate partners: newsletters and bulletins; special offers, &/or; other promotions as may be of interest…

  • Patrons may of course withdraw any such consent at any time by giving Diggerland Adventure Parks written notice via postal or (preferably) electronic mail.