It is mandatory for any person aged 11 years or over to wear a face covering on this particular ride.  This is due to a potential risk that visitors may come in close proximity to other guests.

Drive and bump in the Dodgems! Normally, they are not included in the admission fee of the Diggerland park and are charged at £1 per car. However for this weekend only (Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th July 2019) they are free to enjoy!


Dodgems at Diggerland

Kids having fun on the Diggerland Dodgems

Dodgems at Diggerland UK Adventure Theme Park

Fun Facts

Machine name: Dodgem

Cost: £6500

Power: 6KW

Weight: 150kg


The Dodgems are suitable for any visitor over the height of 100cm, including adults, OAPs or children. Those between 100cm – 140 must be accompanied by a suitable adult or OAP, whereas those over 140cm may drive. Should visitors not reach the stated height, they unfortunately cannot participate in this activity.


  • No head on bumping.
  • Keep hands and arms inside the car at all times.
  • One way around the circuit only.