Let the kids race against each other in these super fun electric Go-Karts!

Designed with twists, turns, and challenges that’ll put your driving skills and reflexes to the ultimate test. It’s a race adventure that’s bound to get your heart racing faster than a turbocharged engine! 

Grip that steering wheel, and get ready to unleash your inner race car driver!

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Go-Karts never fail to please, and kids love racing against each other… especially if they beat them! The Diggerland Go-Kart tracks have been specially laid-out to include as many challenging twists and turns as possible to really test the drivers’ driving skills and reflexes as they speed around the course. How well will you do!?


Ride Information

The Go-Karts are suitable for any visitor over the height of 80cm, including adults, OAPs or children. Those between 80cm – 100cm must be accompanied by a suitable adult or OAP, whereas those over 100cm may drive. Should visitors not reach the stated height, they unfortunately cannot participate in this activity.

A child participating in this activity may need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and they may be asked to sit either next to the adult or on the adult’s lap.

Fun Facts

Machine Name: Formula K Torro

Cost of Machine: £1,450

Power: 3 kW

Weight: 120kg

Diggerland Go Karts
Diggerland - Go Karts
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