Now Diggerland UK Theme Parks’ smaller visitors can be just like mum and dad by getting behind the steering wheel and controls of one of our mini Land Rovers and taking it for a joy-ride around our specially constructed tracks.

See the intense concentration on your little one’s faces as they negotiate the circuit’s twists and turns, and the look of sheer joy and accomplishment when they cross the finish line. Be prepared to queue with them again for another go!

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The Mini Landrovers are suitable for visitors between 90cm – 140cm. Those between 100cm – 140cm are able to drive, whereas those between 90cm – 100cm are only able to ride. Should visitors not reach the stated height, they unfortunately cannot participate in this activity.

Machine Name: Mini Landrovers

Cost of Machine: £5,500

Power: 3KW

Weight: 120kg

Capacity: 120kg

  • Maximum of two participants per car.