Stack Attack is the ultimate challenge to test concentration, hand-eye coordination, patience and reflexes.

Those who are bold enough to take up the Stack Attack challenge will find themselves at the controls of a specially adapted, four-wheel-drive, AVANT 200 Series loader with a hydraulic boom fitted with a unique grapple that has been specifically designed for the new ride.

Working against the clock and within the confines of a 100 square metre fenced enclosure, the StackAttack challenge is to pick-up, move and stack giant digger and dumper tyres without dropping them or knocking over the stack!

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It’s not!

Stack Attack

The Stack Attack is suitable for any visitor over the height of 140cm, including adults, OAPs or children. Should visitors not reach the stated height, they unfortunately cannot participate in this activity.

Machine Name: Avant Loader

Cost of Machine: £25,000

Power: 26HP

Weight: 1.5 ton

Capacity: Almost 1 ton

  • One person only in the cab.
  • Once your stack falls over or you are out of time, that is the end of the ride – sorry!