Perhaps because this ride means being strapped into a specially constructed, super-sized digger bucket and getting hoisted up and tossed around, you would be forgiven for thinking Diggerland treats its visitors like “dirt”! And in a sense, with Spindizzy, you would be right!

This one is definitely not for the faint of heart… nor for those who have just eaten their lunch, brunch or breakfast!

If this is your first time, we guarantee the exhilarating Spindizzy experience is like no other you have ever known. Climb aboard and take your seat… wait for our specially trained marshal to check your seat belt and safety bar, and then wait for it…

Up you go and around and around and then… you stop! But then you start getting spun around in the other direction! With the Spindizzy, we show no mercy and take no prisoners… you have been warned!

The Spindizzy is suitable for any visitor over the height of 100cm, including adults, OAPs or children. Should visitors not reach the stated height, they unfortunately cannot participate in this activity.

If you suffer from cardiac, circulatory or spinal problems it is strongly advised to avoid this activity. Due to the nature of this ride, we would strongly advise against pregnant visitors participating.

Machine Name: Komatsu PC210LC

Power: 123kW

Operating Weight: 22-23.4 tonnes

Bucket Capacity: 1.68 m