Each of our Diggerland UK Theme Parks have soft play areas and an indoor arcade area, if it rains there is still somewhere to entertain the kids inside!

  • The soft play areas are included in Diggerland’s Admission.
  • Each park offers a different selection of indoor & outdoor children’s play area facilities.

All the rides and drives at Diggerland UK Theme Parks usually remain open when it rains (some say it’s even more fun!). A few of the taller rides and drives however may have to close for Health and Safety reasons such as when very strong or storm-force winds make it unsafe for visitors to enjoy them. Typically these will include the “Spindizzy” and “Skyshuttle”.

  • 2 storey of soft play equipment indoors
  • Coin-op Digging for Balls Game (Additional Charge)
  • Table Football (Additional Charge)
  • Indoor Ball Pit area
  • 2 storey indoor soft play (suitable for 3 – 12 years)
  • Arcade games (additional charge)
  • 2 storey indoor soft play (suitable for 3 – 12 years)
  • Arcade games (additional charge)