These Thwaites 1 tonne dumpers are the real deal, but their engines have been governed to keep their maximum speed down to a walking pace so you can rest assured they are perfectly safe for your precious little ones to climb aboard (with you if they are too small to drive themselves) and take a spin around the purpose-built course.

Slow and steady wins the day with these, so clamber into the seat and belt yourself in. Don’t forget to wave to the camera if your friends or family are snapping pictures of you as you trundle past them.


||||Dumper Trucks - Theme Park ride||||||

The Dumper Trucks are suitable for any visitor over the height of 90cm, including adults, OAPs or children. Those between 90cm – 140cm must be accompanied by a suitable adult or OAP, whereas those over 140cm may drive. Should visitors not reach the stated height, they unfortunately cannot participate in this activity.

Machine Name: Thwaites 1 tonne

Cost of Machine: £16,000

Power: 16KW

Weight: 1300kg

Capacity: 1000kg