At Diggerland, we’ve got an exclusive ride for you – hop into a JCB Skid Steer, commonly known as JCB Robots, and embark on a thrilling adventure around our specially designed course. Get ready to experience a driving delight like no other!

Speed may not be their superpower, but when it comes to immense fun, these JCB Robots take the crown! Feel the excitement as you take the wheel and navigate your way through twists and turns. Kid-approved and loved by all, these bad boys are the perfect ride for all adventurers over 110cm!
Kiddies between 90cm and 110cm can ride with an adult.

So, rev those “robot” engines, put on your driving cap, and get ready to have a wheelie good time at Diggerland!

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The JCB Skid Steer Loaders are also known as “JCB Robots”, and they have been especially adapted for Diggerland’s visitors to drive around a purpose-designed course. They may not be fast, but they are immense fun to drive!

Kid love them! Visitors have to be over 90cm (36”) to ride with an adult, or over 110cm (43”) to drive one themselves.

(Don’t forget to wave to family & friends as you go by!)


Ride Information

The Robots are suitable for any visitor over the height of 90cm, including adults, OAPs or children.

Those between 90cm – 110cm must be accompanied by a suitable adult or OAP, whereas those over 110cm may drive. 

A child participating in this activity may need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and they may be asked to sit either next to the adult or on the adult’s lap.

Fun Facts

Machine Name: Skidsteer

Cost of Machine: £20,000

Power: 37 kW

Weight: 2800kg

Capacity: 800kg

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