Picture Perfect Spots Around Diggerland!

As a nation, we now live in a world where we document our everyday life through the use of photos. Whether it’s going on holiday, what we ate for dinner, friends, family and most importantly our family days out. Did you know that an average of 1.8 billion photos are taken everyday?


Dumper trucks

Our dumper trucks attraction is another fantastic ride for any visitors over the height of 90cm to enjoy. Get behind the controls of a Thwaites one tonne dumper, and make your way round the track. Show passers-by your excellent operating and driving skills!

Of course for safety reasons we have slowed down the travel speed of the dumpers, but they make the perfect photo opportunity for anyone driving. Get a family member or friend to stand around the track, and smile / wave as you go past them!

How often can you say that you’ve driven a dumper truck? Never, unless of course you work in construction!

Diggerland - Dumper trucks

Diggerland is most certainly an ‘instagrammable’ day out, as the kids say, so make the most of the time spent with your family and document your day out! Here’s our top 5 photo friendly areas at our parks.

JCB 3CX Ride

The JCB 3CX ride has made it into our top 5 list because, well why not… How cool would it be to finally achieve your childhood dream of driving around in a JCB! 

If you’re over the height of 110cm then you’ll be able to drive yourself, and your friends around under the supervision of a dedicated marshal. Anyone under this height but over 90cm, can sit back, relax and enjoy being driven round instead!

Capture your day on camera, especially if you get to drive a JCB. Any passengers could take your photo, or even ask a cheeky selfie in front of the backhoe loader will be enough to look back on and reminisce. 


This ride is definitely a photo opportunity for the spectators, and not the individuals on Spindizzy. Once you get off this attraction, you’ll be left not knowing which way is up and down, let alone being able to take a photo!

Being photographed on Spindizzy is a very unique opportunity, which you won’t find anywhere else. If you’ve brave enough to ride, then get someone to snap your photo. You’ll be able to brag to your friends that you took on Spindizzy!

Mini Landrovers

If you’re visiting Diggerland with younger children then this one’s for you! 

Our Mini Landrovers attraction is perfect for visitors who measure between 90cm and 140cm. This is one of a small handful of rides we have, where adults can stand back and admire their children taking control, and getting behind the wheel of our mini electric vehicles. So why not document the occasion?

Get your phone or camera out and snap away! What a photo to look back on when your child is old enough to have an actual driving licence. 

At the top of Skyshuttle

Of course, our top photo friendly area in the park is 50 feet up in the air on our Skyshuttle ride. Not only will the views be breathtaking, so will your photos!

Once you’re strapped in, prepare for the ride of your life as you’re lifted up in the air. Enjoy the views and local surroundings around our Diggerland Kent, Durham and Yorkshire parks. 

Whether you want to photograph the views, or even take a cheeky selfie with your family, just be sure not to drop your camera!

If you’re looking to take the perfect Instagram photo, then make sure you view the latest tips and tricks here


Here at Diggerland UK Theme Park we go by height as opposed to age. Check out our Ride Height Chart for more information. Due to the type of attraction, we have different height restrictions for each ride, for health and safety reasons. All of our rides and drives can be found here

Our parks are typically aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 14, however everyone young and old loves a day out at Diggerland. Where else can you ride, drive and operate real life construction machinery without being on a construction site?! 

Dig out that tape measure, measure your children with their shoes on and head on over to our website to pre-book your tickets. 


How many of you love to take memorable photos of your days out to look back on in years to come? If you’ve answered yes, then Diggerland is the ultimate place to visit today!

Pre-book your tickets here to get them at a specially reduced price. Please note however that once a booking has been made it will be non-refundable, so always ensure you select the correct amount of tickets and the right tickets for the people in your group.

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