Things to do in Yorkshire this May half term…

As another half term is upon us, it’s time to keep the kids entertained for a week. One of the big stressors of being a parent is what to do during the half term. If you’re struggling for ideas, take a look at Diggerland’s favourite things to do in Yorkshire.

Take a walk through history

When thinking about things to do in Yorkshire, The York Dungeon may not be the first to come to mind. The York Dungeon provides the ultimate spooky experience so it definitely isn’t one for the faint of heart. 

This day out is the perfect way to learn about 2,000 years worth of York’s history without having to pick up a book. You’ll experience gripping stories told by the live actors as you walk through history. There will without a doubt be screams and squeals all round.

Take a stroll through the plague infested streets of York in 1551. You will be greeted by the plague Doctor’s assistant. You will learn all about how to spot different symptoms of the plague, what are buboes, and how the plague could be cured.

The scariest show you will walk through is ‘Curse of the Witch’, where you will see the final moments before one of York’s most iconic witches was executed.

Throughout the day you will also learn about other key historical events and people such as:

  • The Torturer of the castle Dungeon
  • Guy Fawkes and his story
  • The Invasion of the Vikings
  • Dick Turpin 

A day spent at The York Dungeon, means both you and the kids will be walking out of half term with a whole new bank of knowledge.


If you were planning for a different type of scream, Diggerland Yorkshire has got you covered. Although we might be slightly biased, a day out to Diggerland is definitely at the top of our list of things to do in Yorkshire.

We recommend measuring any children and checking our height requirements prior to purchasing any tickets. Not to worry if any little ones are below the 90cm height recommendation. Anyone who measures under this can enter the park free of charge while still being able to enjoy a number of rides and the indoor soft play


At Diggerland there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a thrill seeker who wishes to take on the Spindizzy, or if you’re someone who would rather take a seat on the Skyshuttle, there will be smiles all round. 

Sweet tooth

One of the many unique things to do in Yorkshire is visit York’s Chocolate Story. Unwrap the history of chocolate with the tour of York’s most famous chocolate-making families. During the half term we want to keep young brains sharp. With this educational day out you will keep their brains ticking in a way you will both enjoy. Throughout this guided tour you will discover how York became the chocolate capital of the UK.

Not only does this attraction have a café that serves luxury hot chocolates and chocolate pots. This location also comes complete with a shop that welcomes you to browse only the finest quality chocolate products. The weird and wonderful flavours range from salted caramel to bubblegum, but which will you choose? 

If you’re already based in Yorkshire you’re in luck as all York residents receive 20% off on the door admission rates every Sunday!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park 

For any fellow animal lovers looking for things to do in yorkshire, I have the answer for you, take a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is home to everyone’s favourite zoo animals. From lions, tigers and giraffes to sea lions and polar bears, there really is something for everyone. 

If you’re someone who would rather be involved with the animals, Yorkshire Wildlife Park does also offer animal experiences. The giraffe experience is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Spend 30 minutes alongside one of the parks’ rangers behind the scenes of the giraffe enclosure. You will be given the opportunity to not only learn more about the gorgeous giants, but also feed them their favourite food.

If you want to make a weekend of your trip, Yorkshire Wildlife Park offers two types of short stay over the May half term. For those who are looking for an easy night away the Hex hotel is everything you need and more. The hotel has a variety of rooms available meaning you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

If you were hoping for a more unique experience then a weekend of glamping it is. The glamping package offered by the park includes:

  • Fully furnished glamping tent 
  • Early morning animal meet-and-greet
  • Complimentary breakfast role and hot drink
  • Exclusive wifi
  • On-site shower facilities

Book your Diggerland tickets now!

If a trip to Diggerland is on the horizon this May half term, book your tickets in advance to guarantee your entry! You’ll also benefit from reduced admission prices:

  • £25.95 pp entry for anyone over 90cm
  • £12.97 pp entry for anyone over 65 years 
  • Anyone under 90cm entering free of charge 
  • Carers entering for free with anyone registered as disabled 

*Prices and information correct as of: 24/05/2022