Diggerland Theme Park’s May Day Bank Holiday Top Picks

May Day Bank Holiday mean an extra day together for the majority of families, however it also means an extra day to visit Diggerland theme park!

Although we absolutely love all of our rides and drives, we’ve put together our top 5 picks. Take a look below, and see which attractions you should queue up first for.

Stack Attack


It’s not all fun and games when you arrive at Diggerland theme park. Stack Attack is an attraction that will really put you to the test, and bring out your competitive side. Not only will it test your concentration, operators will be required to have great hand-eye coordination, and a whole lot of patience!

By entering the cab of our AVANT 200 series loader, we will take that as a sign that you’re willing to take on the challenge. Operators will have to work against the clock to move and stack construction tyres, without knocking them down. Don’t worry if not, it often takes our visitors a couple of tries to master the skills.

Are you bold enough to take on the challenge? How about taking it one step further, and challenging a friend or even a family member to a timed stack challenge!


Climb abroad, strap in, and brace yourself! Groundshuttle is guaranteed to ‘treat’ our visitors to an incredibly bumpy ride. When we say hold on, we mean it! The idea of Groundshuttle was made using a JCB telehandler. We’ve made a bespoke carriage to elevate you off the ground, and carry you over dirt ridges and bumps. 

Enjoy a real construction based experience when you ride Groundshuttle!

Groundshuttle at Diggerland
JCB Skid steers - Robots at Diggerland


Everyone wants to say they have driven a JCB, it’s a childhood dream! Whether that be a JCB 3CX or a JCB Skid Steer, also known as a Robot. At Diggerland Theme Park, our visitors get the chance to do both, but Robots is definitely a fan favourite. 

Guests can be accompanied by an adult if they are over 90cm, or choose to drive them on their own if they’re over 110cm. Either way it’s definitely not a ride to miss out on. Enjoy the twists and turns that the track has to offer, but be careful, it could get messy. They may be slow, but they can certainly churn up mud as the four-wheeled machines move around. View them in action here


All Aboard! Sit back, relax, and enjoy a ride round the park, courtesy of our Diggerland train. If a thrilling ride on Spindizzy, or an exciting trip up in Skyshuttle isn’t your cup of tea, then the Diggerland Train is definitely a ride for you. It certainly makes our top 5!

Our Diggerland train is powered by a small one tonne dumper, pulling a main carriage, and individual carts. For visitors that want to get behind the wheel of their very own cart they can, or enjoy a relaxing ride up front. 

Most of our visitors find themselves queuing up for the train more times than they can count, so we can see why it is popular.

Diggerland train
Buried Treasure


Our Buried Treasure attraction requires a lot of concentration, plus some crazy operating skills. Using a Komatsu PC14 mini digger, visitors will need to dig to their heart’s content in order to retrieve the goods. Have you got what it takes to find all of our buried treasure and remove it from the pit in the time limit?

Children, and adults alike absolutely love being in control of a digger. With a tricky task at hand will it all be too much for some of our visitors? Make sure Buried Treasure is on your to-do list if you visit Diggerland theme park this weekend.


Why should you choose Diggerland theme park over any other UK attraction this bank holiday weekend? Diggerland is the UK’s only construction based theme park, if that’s not a good enough reason we don’t know what is. Our guests can operate real life construction machinery safely, whilst having the time of their lives.

Diggerland allows even the big kids to let their hair down and feel like a kid again! 

What else can Diggerland theme park offer?

Aside from the 5 listed rides and drives above, all of our 4 Diggerland theme parks have a total of 20 different attractions. Not only that, visitors can experience a bumpy ride on our dodgems, and enjoy our coin operated rides if the main attractions aren’t enough. Enjoy days out in Kent, Durham or Yorkshire!


If you’re planning a fun, family day out during the May day bank holiday, we hope Diggerland theme park comes to mind.

Not only can we offer fantastic covid friendly days out, we can also provide memorable days out for the whole family to enjoy. We are selling out fast for the bank holiday ahead so be sure to pre-book your tickets soon.

We will allow pay-on-the-day customers, but only if we still have ticket availability. So, we would highly recommend pre-booking in advance as it will guarantee your entry.

Not free to visit this weekend?

If you know a family that are absolutely digger mad, or want to surprise someone to a day out at Diggerland then we also have the perfect option for you. We have a range of experience day vouchers for the whole family to appreciate. Choose from:

  • General admission for 2, 3 or 4 people
  • Dumper Racing
  • Group or Individual JCB Experience
  • Monster Digger Experience

All of our vouchers can be purchased as an e-voucher or a physical postal voucher on our website

We look forward to seeing you!

* All information correct as of 27/05/2021.

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