Spindizzy – The Ultimate UK Attraction

Now we have opened back up the gates to the famous UK attraction, Diggerland, it’s about time we featured our most popular ride, Spindizzy. For those of you who have already visited any of our 4 UK parks, will most likely have experienced the sheer thrill of adrenaline. Will you be brave enough to ride?


Although operating mini diggers brings a lot of joy to our visitors, it’s all about the larger digger, also known as Spindizzy. If you say no, then we know you’re definitely fibbing!

So what’s so great about Spindizzy we hear you ask?

Well… Would you normally get the chance to sit in a huge bespoke bucket, and be strapped in for the ride of your life? Definitely not! Spindizzy is the ultimate, bespoke UK attraction, and you can only experience it at our Diggerland UK theme park. You could say that we have taken the concept of an ordinary digger and turned it completely upside down, or in this case around and around…

Spindizzy is definitely not for the faint hearted, and we would highly recommend not eating straight before you ride, it could get messy. Forget the most exhilarating roller coasters in the UK, Spindizzy is where the action’s at. Climb aboard and strap yourself in, wait for the safety bar to come down and prepare yourself!

How tall do I need to be to ride Spindizzy?

If you’re willing to brave up and face this UK attraction, all visitors will need to be at least 100cm tall. We will measure children before they can go on, we wouldn’t want any of our young visitors trying to sneak on!

We would also strongly advise against any of our pregnant visitors riding Spindizzy. Anyone with cardiac, circulatory or spinal problems should also probably sit this one out. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other rides and drives around the park to enjoy.

Family days out - Spindizzy
Spindizzy - UK attraction


Spindizzy has been created using a large excavator. A Komatsu PC210 LC-10 specifically, which is a 21 ton machine. Can you imagine a massive construction site digger placed in a theme park? Of course not, but that’s the best bit!

A digger of this size would normally be used for digging holes, lifting materials and demolition work. With a maximum bucket capacity of 1,68 m³, that is very impressive!

The digger has been made with 123kW of power, but that being said, it’s definitely needed in order to reach the maximum thrill factor.

How was Spindizzy made?

Diggerland works very closely with its sister company, Masterhitch Europe Ltd. They are the industry leaders in designing digger attachments and buckets. Making something as unique as the Spindizzy bucket was certainly an exciting project for the team!


Diggerland offers the perfect opportunity for the whole family to enjoy a fun day out, and to try something new. What could be more fun than operating and driving real diggers!?

With 20 different rides and drives, Diggerland could be the perfect UK attraction for your family. Whether you’re digger mad or not, there are plenty of rides for the whole family to enjoy. Get behind the wheel of a dumper truck, get competitive on our go karts or showing the kids how it’s done on a Giant Digger. It’s your day out, spend it how you want!

We have onsite café facilities that are currently operating on a takeaway basis only. We also have plenty of benches scattered around the park, for our guests to enjoy a spot of lunch. Enjoy a day out knowing you’re visiting a ‘good to go’ UK attraction when it comes to COVID-19.


If you’re ready to experience Spindizzy at any of our three UK theme parks, then head on over to our website. We strongly advise customers pre-book their tickets online to guarantee their entry. Due to the pandemic, we have reduced our visitor numbers greatly to ensure social distancing can be adhered to. 

To date (14/04/2021) visitors can choose from the following tickets options if they pre-book:

  • £22.80 for anyone over the height of 90cm
  • £11.40 for visitors over 65
  • Anyone under 90cm will enter free of charge

For any of our visitors that are planning family days out in the next coming months, we recommend booking tickets as soon as possible. We are selling out very quickly and we wouldn’t want you to miss out. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the park for the ultimate day out, see you soon!

* All information correct as of 15/04/2021.

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