Racing Experience Days for Valentine’s Day

The 14th February is very quickly approaching, yes that’s right, Valentine’s Day! At Diggerland, we provide a range of activities to get stuck into, some of those being our fantastic racing experience days.

So if you’re looking for unique gift ideas for your loved one, or you’re trying to think of something different and exciting; we have the answer!

This blog provides you with a further insight into the adult experience days that we provide.

Racing Experience Days

Dumper Racing Experience Days

Of course we need to start with Dumper Racing, as one of the most loved experiences of all. 

This experience is perfect for those up for something fun and slightly out of the ordinary! It’s not very often that you get to talk about your time racing around in a Dumper Truck after all.

Competing in your very own machine, you and your group get to compete against each other as you all race until the very end!

It is by far one of our most popular events that is carried out throughout the season and one that you will not forget.

Not only are you racing against each other, but the clock too! 

This experience is carried out as a group, and therefore something the two of you can enjoy together.

This takes Valentine’s Day to a whole new level, and is definitely one to beat!

Take a sneak peak at what to expect during your Dumper racing experience days.

Racing experience days

Driving Experience Days

Group JCB Experience

In addition to the thrilling Dumper Racing experience days, we present you with our fantastic Group JCB Experience.

This too can be enjoyed as a couple, as this experience carries up to four people per session. 

For a whole 90 minute experience, you can finally get to know what it feels like to operate your very own JCB 3CX.

Whether you’re looking to get knowledgeable experience from our expert instructor, or if you just want to take part for the fun of it, the Group JCB Experience is fantastic!

Not only do you enjoy your experience, but with that, includes admission for two other spectators to join you in the main Diggerland Theme Park.

So why not have a spectacular Valentine’s Day experience as a couple, then join the rest of your group to continue the fun in the Diggerland park?

Group JCB experience JCB 3CX

Individual & Monster Digger Experience

Now here is where gift giving becomes extra spectacular, as we introduce you to the Individual and Monster Digger Experience days.

The Individual JCB Experience is quite similar to the Group JCB Experience previously mentioned.

The similarity being that you use the same JCB 3CX machine.

However, the Individual experience takes it one step further, as this is a one-to-one session just with you and the instructor.

This gives you the opportunity to really get stuck in and take the wheel all on your own!

The Monster Digger Experience involves one of the largest machines out of all of our experiences, as the name suggests. 

How does 90 minutes operating a 22 Ton Komatsu PC210 machine sound to you?

If you’re thinking of gifting an extravagant gift this Valentine’s Day, this ought to tick that box for you. 

Similarly to the Individual Experience, this is also a one-to-one session with our expert instructor.

You can learn in greater detail how to maneuver the machine and use the controls all by yourself. 

With both of these experiences, you can also take along two spectators each to enjoy the day at the Diggerland park.

Individual experience JCB 3CX
Unique Gift Ideas at Diggerland

How can I book?

All of the above experience days can be purchased as gift vouchers, which are then delivered straight to your inbox, so there’s no worry about being late for the big day!

The next step would be to book in your experiences, which can be done as soon as our opening dates have been released.

We are currently following Government guidelines, and further information on when your gift vouchers can be redeemed will be available on our website as soon as possible.

* All information correct as of 10/02/2021.

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