Unique Gift Ideas for anyone Digger Mad!

We have a ton of unique gift ideas that the whole family will love, and you can purchase these all from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re looking for an item of clothing or a special digger toy, we have gifts waiting to be worn and enjoyed.

All Diggerland Theme Parks may be closed for now due to COVID-19, but it doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your children, and anyone else who may love diggers!

Our top 5 unique gift ideas

Xenon Beaker


Available in three different colours our branded Diggerland beakers will make the perfect present for everyone.

Families are having to get creative and mix up their surroundings during lockdown, and enjoying long walks in the countryside (sticking to government guidelines of course!) Everyone will need a break at some point and our Diggerland beakers are a great size to carry around. There will definitely be no children crying over spilt drinks, with an easy screw on lid and pop up straw!

What colour will you choose?

Boys Dig with Duggy T-Shirt– Royal Blue


Here at Diggerland, we are sure to have a t-shirt to suit anyone in the family. We can’t forget about our mascots, Duggy and Dotty, so this t-shirt seems perfect for the spotlight.

Great for all young construction workers to be, this boys royal blue t-shirt is stocked in the following sizes:

2 – 3 years

3 – 4 years

5 – 6 years

7 – 8 years

9 – 10 years

Even if you’re not at Diggerland now, you can still rock this look out and about until you can visit us!

Don’t worry Dotty supporters we have a similar t-shirt available for you too!


Diggerland Teddy Bear

Diggerland Teddy Bear

Available in Pink and Yellow, our Diggerland Teddy Bears are loved by all of our young visitors.

Cuddle up to your very own branded Teddy Bear. When it is safe to visit Diggerland again, you can experience the fun and thrills of the park along with your very own teddy. Don’t leave them behind after your day out, we wouldn’t want you to be separated!

Will you name your Diggerland Teddy Bear after Duggy or Dotty?

Diggerland Lunchbag

Diggerland Lunch Bag

When you’re out walking during lockdown, the Diggerland Lunch Bag goes hand in hand with the Diggerland Beaker. Have your lunch readily available when you get peckish, in our easy to open branded Lunch Bag.

Again, like most of our products, we aim to provide various choices of colours, making it more difficult to choose the one you want – sorry!

Which snacks would you hide inside?


Diggerland Ripper Wallet

How about a branded Diggerland Wallet for unique gift ideas?

Safely store away any loose change with this awesome wallet. Perfect for any young children! With a zip panel and easy access to the main wallet, you’ll be missing out if you don’t have one.

Save up your pennies in your own fantastic Diggerland wallet.Diggerland Ripper Wallet

When you next visit the Diggerland Goodie Store, you can treat yourself to something else!


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