Have a safe trip with Diggerland

COVID-19 has completely taken over all forms of media informing the public of the ongoing detriment caused by the virus. The latest Coronavirus initially started in China but has now spread to over 40 countries globally.  The virus has infected over 80,000 people and as it stands there have been 15 confirmed cases in the UK alone. Currently, there is no vaccine available for this flu-like virus so how can your family stay safe this season? Here are our virus-free tips for visiting Diggerland and any other theme parks in the UK this Easter.

Tip 1- Be aware but don’t be scared!

Due to the media coverage, you may be feeling worried but by making simple precautions there is nothing to worry about. In the UK the virus has not spread as much as other countries in comparison and those who have, unfortunately, caught it while travelling from infected areas. It is recommended to not travel to countries such as China, South Korea and Italy so many have cancelled travel plans to spend Easter at home. Theme Parks in the UK are all open and will have safety precautions in place.

Tip 2- Wash your hands! 

COVID-19 is known to spread person-to-person so having precautions against contracting the virus from coughing and sneezing is essential. Simply washing your hands with soap and water is the number one way of avoiding the virus. When visiting Diggerland or other theme parks in the UK, make sure your little ones are washing their hands as much as possible. Some of our famous rides may come in contact with lots of sticky fingers throughout the fun day so staying aware is essential. 

Tip 3- Wrap up! 

Another way to stay protected on your trip is to come prepared with some antibacterial hand sanitizer. On Amazon, you can purchase some interesting smelling ones to keep the kids enticed! If your child is unwell it is recommended to stay home but if they still want to have a fun day at Diggerland you may want to purchase a face mask. The virus tends to infect those who are not feeling 100%, so extra efforts must be made to stay safe. This will also avoid spreading flu symptoms to fellow visitors which is a plus. 

Tip 4- Be careful when you eat!

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention had advised that it may be possible to contract the virus by touching an infected surface. We offer a range of amazing food to munch on at all of our Diggerland parks. If you’d prefer to prepare your own lunch for the exciting trip why not pack a picnic? We have comfortable outdoor seating areas throughout all of our parks with relaxing picnic areas and play areas. Our Dig Inn eateries are all taking special measures and precautions to ensure customers are kept as safe as possible. 

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