Outdoor Activities at Diggerland

It’s no surprise that as restrictions get tighter in the UK, we’re all wondering what we can do for fun, especially as outdoor activities are the best option!

At Diggerland, you can be rest assured that we are certified ‘Good to Go’. Very Covid friendly!

After all, we think you will all agree that walks to the park are becoming slightly repetitive, so why not switch up your day with a thrilling day at Diggerland?

Why choose Diggerland?

Diggerland is the only place in the UK where children can actually operate REAL digger machines! If that alone doesn’t convince you, let’s delve a bit further into what we offer.

We have 20 different rides and drives included within your entry price, providing you with enough machines to dig until your heart’s content.

If you have any digger crazed children or even adults in your group, Diggerland is truly the best place to be. It’s where all your digging dreams can come true!

Rides & Drives

We have an abundance of outdoor activities for our guests, including the almighty JCB 3CX, Skyshuttle and our personal favourite, Spindizzy! 

That’s right, you and your family can enjoy the thrills of a JCB 3CX accompanied by one of our fully trained marshals guiding you around a specially adapted track.

Or if you’re not scared of heights, Skyshuttle will be right up your street! Hop into your seat and buckle up, as the operator lifts you 50 feet into the air. We bet you haven’t seen the views of your local area from that height!

Mini Landrovers are the perfect activity for the mini guests! They each get to operate their own vehicle around a designed course. 

For thrill seekers in the group, Spindizzy and Groundshuttle are perfect! As an added bonus, they can both be enjoyed in your groups. Spindizzy is quite literally what it says on the tin, spinning around in the air by a PC210 machine! How fun does that sound?

Groundshuttle is the perfect attraction for those that don’t mind a bumpy ride! Together as a family, you can enjoy this wonderful machine as it takes you for a spin around a configured track.

To see all other attractions that we have to offer, head to our website.

What’s different at Diggerland?

When searching for Covid-19 friendly outdoor activities, Diggerland is the perfect stop!

Extra health and safety measures have been put in place to help keep you all as safe as possible.


  • Restricted visitor numbers to 500 (Kent & Yorkshire to 600)
  • Encouraging all customers to social distance from other guests & have provided one way systems around the parks
  • Face coverings required when indoors and on certain designated rides
  • Soft play & Little Tikes areas are currently closed
  • Contactless payments are advised where possible
  • All visitors will undergo a non-invasive temperature check on arrival
  • All Diggerland parks are deep cleaned including any touch points and machines. We do suggest customers also bring hand sanitiser as well

How do I book?

Due to limited availability, we recommend pre-booking on our Diggerland website to guarantee your entry.