See you later, Excavator

See you later, Excavator

Browsing the web for fun hen party ideas? Searching for a unique attraction for you and your closest friends to let your hair down? Diggerland has everything you need to have a hair raising time with your closest girlfriends before your special wedding day!  

Why not make one of the most memorable events in your life even more memorable? Diggerland is a world-famous theme park with a plethora of exciting rides and drives. You may think that our beloved theme park is just for youngsters but we have kitted our parks out for groups of all ages! 

Fun is in the air!

Now imagine, your group is dressed to impress with comfy jeans and matching pink high vis jackets. Determination is flowing through your veins and you know the day ahead is going to be filled with giggles. A special VIP area will be reserved with an amazing Diggerland representative to make sure you all have the most amazing time.

Now that you’re ready the time for letting loose has begun. The overwhelming range of rides provide hours full of digging fun which is perfect for erasing that pre-wedding stress! 

Hen party spirit!

Friendly competition always brings out the best in friendships. We recommend testing your limits on:

  • Dippy Ducks– Don’t be fooled by the cute name as this ride will test your skills to the limit. The mission is to hook a small duck out of a pool of water using a Komatsu PC14. 
  • Stack Attack– This ride is eye-watering tough, try to compete against your girlfriends to see who has the most patience. The aim of the game is all about balancing tyres using a special digging attachment that was built for purpose. Basically, Jenga with tyres! 
  • Formula JCB Driving– Any friends with a need for speed? This event would need to be booked separately but it is well worth including in your hen party. Race around in one of our JCBs to test who is the best behind the wheel! 

For the Team Players!

Theme parks are a fantastic way of getting closer to your besties thanks to the bountiful memories it provides. Enjoying rides together as a team results in an avalanche of fun whilst you scream and laugh hand in hand! For example:

  • Spindizzy– Digger please! This monster ride is sure to have a few friends jumping out of their boots. Once you’re all safely buckled in let the fun begin and get ready to be shaken and stirred by a massive Komatsu PC210LC. This ride is definitely not for the faint hearted! 
  • Skyshuttle– Fear of heights? Experience a birds eye point of view on this 50 feet ride. You will see the world from a new perspective. We believe this is the perfect ride for your hen party selfies! 
  • Groundshuttle– The name is self explanatory as this ride is the polar opposite of the famous Skyshuttle. It is perfect for some ground time so be ready for some rock and rolling. We guarantee this ride will get everyone’s heart racing so far what an exhilarating hen party!

Still unsure?

As you can see, the proof is in the pudding. We know it’s not your typical hen party but that’s why we think it’s amazing. Priceless memories and giggles with your favorite people, isn’t that a dream?  Diggerland provides all of the above. If you’re uncertain we would recommend checking our website to see what else you can expect on your special day. As a bonus you could book a helicopter ride to any of our Diggerland parks, who needs Uber? 

Visiting the park with your partner or family would help you picture what you can expect for a hen party. You’re in luck because we have a once in a lifetime event in the running. Drum roll ready, 3, 2 ,1… Diggerlands 20th Anniversary Gala! 

You’re Invited…

That’s right, our astounding park has been providing happy memories for 20 years! Thanks to our loyal customers who have helped us gain fame across the nation. Were inviting everyone to a spectacular event to celebrate this achievement together. Celebrations will take place in June with each park hosting its own special party so to avoid missing out we would recommend booking Early Bird tickets. Early Bird tickets will only cost £25.00 per person. These tickets include access to all rides and drives, a buffet, entertainment & Firework display! 

This special event is super affordable and has the makings of a memorable, fabulous date night.