Buckets of Fun for Everyone – Family Days Out

]Here at Diggerland, our slogan says there’s something for everyone in our parks, and we really believe we have something for the whole family to enjoy. With four parks and 20+ rides, we strive to offer a great family days out, no matter what your tastes. The kids will have a blast racing around in Go Karts, while the adults take photos of memories that will last forever. But who says the adults have to miss out? Not us! The Spindizzy is a thrilling ride for both adults and children! They can take a drive in their very own dumper truck, or relive their youth playing in the mud on the Dirt Diggers. There’s plenty of activities for the whole family to do together, the kids can even come up with competitions to play against the grown-ups in a number of our rides:

  • Race to stack the tires in the fastest time on StackAttack!
  • Visit Skittles, and see who can knock down the most!
  • See who’s first to hook the duck on the Dippy Ducks!
  • Dig at Buried Treasure and see who finds the prize first!

There really is buckets of fun for everyone!

The grandparents can have fun too! We are honoured to have been mentioned on the Age UK website as one of many fun things grandparents can do with their grandchildren. Age UK is a charity that aims to keep elderly people active. We have some mellow rides for nan and grandad to enjoy, like the Diggerland Train and the awesome Skyshuttle. There really is something for all the family to enjoy.

Why not plan a family trip to Diggerland Devon, and stay at our campsite? Camping has stood the test of time, so combine it with a digger-themed UK attraction, and the whole trip is sure to be a blast!

Enjoy great family days out, whether it be playing football or other outdoor games in the huge open space on the Diggerland Devon campsite, to enjoying long family walks together in the beautiful Devon countryside, the trip will be sure to truly satisfy a well earned break! The grown-ups will relish in teaching the kids new tricks, like how to put up a tent properly or how to cook burgers on a barbeque, and the kids will have fun learning something new.

All of these activities and more are just part of what makes Diggerland a great family day out. The valuable memories children make with their family and friends will stay with them forever.