How To Enjoy Family Days Out During A Pandemic

How To Enjoy Family Days Out During A Pandemic

The UK and most of the world is currently on lockdown due to a very serious pandemic. Coronavirus (Covid-19) is not going away any time soon, so how do you keep the whole family entertained and enjoy family days out under these unusual circumstances?

Family Days Out Just Got Creative

First of all family days out don’t have to be miles away! You can enjoy family time together during this glorious weather in your own back garden. 

Why not get the whole family to choose some of their favourite foods and set up a picnic in the garden? Your garden can become a world of adventure for little ones. We’re sure the bigger kids in your household won’t mind either. After all everyone loves food and the great outdoors! It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time together. 

If you don’t have a garden perhaps you have a flat with a balcony. The same applies, why not set up a blanket outside and enjoy some nibbles in the sunshine? You don’t need ample space to be able to enjoy family time and glorious fresh air. 

Outside Games

We don’t just mean outside games, you can also play inside games but just outside. For example whilst enjoying a lovely picnic, why not dig out a pack of cards or Uno? You can also order fantastic family games online and have them delivered to your home. 

You can of course enjoy those outdoor games such as rounders, skittles, some bat and ball or football. Just be sure the kids don’t accidently kick or throw the toys into a nearby garden. As you may not be seeing those toys for a while. 


Whilst the parents don’t quite enjoy bugs, kids absolutely love them! So why not send the children on a bug hunt? Set up a quiz sheet so they have to find all of the creepy crawlies and tick them off. You can then score how many bugs were found and reward your little ones with a sticker or a tasty treat. 

Another fun family adventure is to build a bug house in the garden. When enjoying family days out at various theme parks and attractions, you will quite often find bug houses. The kids marvel at them and will spend ages trying to find all sorts of creepy crawlies. So why not create your own? 

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It doesn’t take much to create a bug house, all you need is:

  • Sticks of all different sizes
  • Leaves 
  • Stones
  • Loose bark 
  • Cardboard

Whilst the family endure a nice bit of exercise once a day, pop to the park and start collecting items to take home and create the bug house.

A bug house doesn’t need to be super fancy, the kids can get as creative as they like. We’d recommend putting the bug house somewhere in the garden where there is shade but also where the sun might reach at certain points in the day. This is because some bugs love the sunshine and others love the shade. 

If you’ve got an old plant pot, this could create a perfect base for building a bug house. We have bug hotels at Diggerland and the kids just adore them. Check them out for ideas. 

Get planting 

Marks and Spencers supermarkets currently have a special promotion whereby if grown ups spend £20 or more on food, little ones can receive a vegetable grow pot. 

They are called seedling kits and there are various vegetables to collect and grow such as carrots, basil, beetroot, lettuce and many more. 

These little pots start off inside on a window sill and then they can go outside when large enough. Enjoy family days out making vegetable patches in the garden. If you live in a block of flats, then use the outside space to create something for the whole community. 

Vegetables promote a healthy lifestyle and during a pandemic they are often the foods that are difficult to find. Therefore growing your own will help to provide ample nutrients for everyone. 

Create a walk along sing song

Get the kids involved in a walk along sing song. There are so many benefits to singing from improving mental health, lowering stress levels and boosting confidence. To even strengthening the immune system, according to the University of Frankfurt. Don’t believe us on this last one? The researchers at the university tested the blood of singers before and after rehearsal. They noticed that in most of the subjects, the amount of proteins in the immune system that function as antibodies were significantly higher immediately after the rehearsal. So there you have it. 

If singing is your thing, you could always go to an old peoples home and have your little darlings entertain the residents. The residents can listen through the windows. If you want to stay a lot closer to home, go and see that elderly neighbour so they don’t feel as alone during this isolating time. 

If you’re embarrassed about singing in public, then go to a large field and sing where no one else is around. Let’s face it though, most people will be in their homes anyway. Stay safe though everyone! 

We hope we have given you some great ideas to enjoy family days out together. 

The Future

We of course hope that these little ideas for family days out together but local to home are a temporary thing. Everyone stay safe and look after loved ones by following Boris Johnson’s simple yet necessary rules. 

Hopefully we will see you all again at one of our Diggerland UK parks in the very near future. 

See you soon!