Diggerland Theme Park opens this October Half Term

Enjoy Diggerland Theme Park during October Half Term

So the spooky season is slowly creeping up on us. That’s right…Halloween! At Diggerland Theme Park, we tend to steer away from anything too scary, due to a large number of smaller guests visiting our parks. But this doesn’t mean that the Halloween fun has to stop there!

Within this blog, we talk about Diggerland (of course), tips on Trick or Treating during Covid-19 and other ways to celebrate the festivities.

Diggerland Theme Park

We’re so excited to open our parks for the October half term week. That being between the 26th October, right through to the 1st November, EVERYDAY!

That means even more opportunity for you and your family to hop in the car and visit us before the end of our 2020 season.

With just 11 days left of Diggerland opening, there’s no better way to end the October half term with a cracking day of digging in the mud! 

At Diggerland Theme Park, we provide an array of 20 different rides and drives, including the almighty Spindizzy. If you’re wondering what Spindizzy is, it’s pretty much how it sounds. You and your family can jump into a PC210 machine, whilst our expert operator lifts you into the air and spins you around! Sounds great right?! 

Other attractions include the Dippy Ducks, whereby you can use the digger controls to ‘hook a duck’. Or you can race around in your very own Crazy Carts and learn to operate your very own Giant Digger.

The possibilities are endless at Diggerland, and for digger crazed children is their whole dream come true!

Trick or Treating Tips during Covid-19

Understandably, the children will be more than excited at the thought of going Trick or Treating this year, especially after spending so much time indoors.

But how can we make Trick or Treating Covid-19 friendly? Of course, children putting their hands in buckets full of sweets and chocolate is not necessarily the safest way to do this.

The BBC have issued an article explaining a few ways to still celebrate the 31st October, but continue to stay safe whilst doing so.

  • Giving out individually wrapped sweets so that children are not touching something and then directly putting into their mouths
  • Leaving little gift bags of sweets and attaching them to a tree or fence
  • Checking with nearby neighbours in advance to check that they are happy to be visited for Trick or Treating
  • Take hand sanitiser with you to ensure that their hands are clean at all times


Now, every year it feels like a contest to have the best costume. Even better than last year’s! 

If you need some costume inspiration, there are several supermarkets that provide a range of spectacular yet affordable costumes for your little ones. Will it be a cat, zombie or perhaps a witch?

Better yet, what about a Halloween digger costume? We’ve seen some fantastic costumes on Pinterest which ought to get the creative juices flowing! This is the perfect way to bring all of your lockdown DIY skills into practice. 

Enjoying the Festivities

Whether you’re the type of family that gets into the spooky spirit of Halloween, or even if you’re more of a quiet group that do not celebrate the season as much, there are still many ways for you to get involved this Halloween.

Pumpkin Picking

Pumpkin picking has been a massively popular tradition that has grown vastly over the years. It’s a great way to get outside for a few hours with the family whilst picking out your favourite pumpkins straight from the field. You simply turn up, grab your wheelbarrow and off you go!

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Organising your own Halloween treasure hunt is another great way to celebrate the season whilst also staying safe within your own social bubble. You can still look the part in your costumes, and work together to solve the clues, and eventually end up stuffing yourselves with sweets and chocolate! Which sounds great in our opinion!

Scary Movie Night

Watching a scary movie with the family is the perfect choice if you’d prefer things low key. After all, snuggling up on the sofa with some popcorn is a winner, right?

We hope that this blog has given you some inspiration for the upcoming Halloween season and we hope to see you at Diggerland Theme Park soon!