This attraction is ride only due to the current Covid-19 situation. Therefore visitors are no longer able to drive this vehicle.

Face Coverings

It is mandatory for any person aged 11 years or over to wear a face covering on this particular ride. This is due to visitors being in an enclosed cab with one of our staff members. 

Visitors with a medical exemption unfortunately cannot partake in this ride experience if they do not wear a face covering.

Ride duration: Approx 5 minutes

Are the kids too big for the Mini Landrovers? Never mind, it’s not a problem!

If he or she are over 140cm (55”) tall and under 17 years old, they can get behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Pajero and go for a joy-ride around our special 400 metre course in one of our Diggerland Police 4WD SUVs.

Smaller kids have to be over 80cm in height to ride in the car.

Kids can get behind the wheel of an SUV!

Joyrider at Diggerland UK Theme Park

Joyrider at Diggerland UK Theme Park

Joyrider at Diggerland UK Theme Park

Machine Name: Mitsubishi Pajero LWB

Cost of Machine: Secret!

Power: 90KW

Weight: 3030kg

Capacity: 1200kg

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, this attraction is now ride only. The car cannot be driven. 

The Joyrider is suitable for visitors over 80cm, including adults, OAPs or children. Those over the height of 140cm and under 17 years old are usually able to drive the vehicle however due to the current situation can ride only. Adults and OAPs are welcome to ride as passengers only. Should visitors not reach the stated height, they unfortunately cannot participate in this activity.

  • Maximum age to drive is 17 years.
  • A marshal will accompany the child driving the car and as such the marshal will be sat in the front passenger seat, ready to operate the dual controlled pedals if required.
  • An adult must accompany all children in the car and will be required to sit in the back of the car, throughout the driving experience.