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The GOLD Challenge
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What can be more effective at building mutual trust, fostering new friendships and alliances, and developing and instilling individual and collective confidence than driving a 4×4 whilst blindfolded and entirely dependant upon your teammates’ eyes and communication skills to guide you safely around the course? Or being a passenger in the 4×4 and relying on your blindfolded teammate not only to hear but also to comprehend and heed your instructions?

4×4 blindfolded driving is arguably Diggerland’s most popular, as well as most demanding, Team Building Challenge, and there are 4 more besides with the GOLD Challenge.

Obviously, the ethos and goal of Diggerland’s Team Building Challenges is for small teams to compete against each other to develop cooperative inter-personnel relationships. But if you prefer, you and your staff &/or colleagues can either compete against each other as individuals, or simply take turns at trying your hand with the various challenges on a purely “for fun” basis.

Diggerland Team Building activities can be a powerful and positive way to encourage group unity, develop both individual and team members strengths, and address and overcome weaknesses.

Moreover, and better yet, Diggerland Team Building Challenges are FUN!!!


  • Available at all four DIGGERLAND UK parks located in: Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire


For £110.00 ex VAT per participant (£132.00 incl: VAT per participant), Diggerland’s Gold Challenge gives you and your colleagues

  • ALL 5 challenges comprising:
    • Blindfolded 4×4 Driving
    • Digging Challenge
    • Dippy Duck Challenge
    • JCB 3CX Backhoe/Loader Skills Test
    • Robot Relay (with JCB Skid-Steer dumper trucks)
  • 4 hours duration culminating with…
    • a thrilling, head-reeling turn on the Diggerland “SPINDIZZY”! AND…
    • a bone-crunching, teeth-rattling rumble on the “GROUNDSHUTTLE”!


MINIMUM: 18 – MAXIMUM: 52 participants

  • Only available during the daylight hours
  • All participants must be at least 17 years old and ABLE to drive a car (participants DO NOT however need to hold a current, valid driving license)
  • Available from April to October on weekdays, Monday – Friday, during (schools’) term times when these parks are closed to the general public

Team Building Days at Diggerland


For more information about this and our other Corporate Days, and to check availability and book your event, please call our Corporate Events Administrator on 0871 22 77 007 (calls cost 10p per minute plus your network’s charges) or email: