World Smile Day at Diggerland!

The first Friday in October celebrates World Smile Day and we at Diggerland couldn’t be happier. Quite simply, it’s a lovely thing to smile. It brings joy and happiness to anyone who receives a smile. As well as a warm feeling of satisfaction for anyone giving another a smile. 

Fun Facts

Did you know that it takes 26 muscles to smile? Most people think it’s 43 muscles but that’s not actually correct. It takes a whopping 62 muscles to frown, so it actually uses up so much more energy to frown…! That should be enough reason for why you should smile, smile, smile! 

Muscles Used For Smiling! 

Here’s something interesting to know. There are 5 main muscle groups in the face of the human body which are used for smiling. These include the zygomatic, temporal, mandibular, cervical and buccal groups. These groups include the 43 muscles that work together to form our facial expressions. 

Known as the Smiling Muscle, the zygomaticus major is most responsible for our smile. It works in conjunction with up to 43 other facial muscles to provide a wide array of smiles. From a sly grin to a full, toothy smile that lights up the whole face, there are a million different smile configurations.

Anyway, enough of the science lesson. Did you know that when studying to become a beautician, you will learn all about the facial muscle groups? You’re learning lots today, aren’t you!

Our Top 5 Diggerland Rides That Will Make You Smile


Go-Karts are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. If racing your loved ones around a track, to see who finishes the fastest doesn’t make you smile then we don’t know what will! Will you be the reigning champion in your family?


StackAttack will make you really concentrate on the task at hand but once you’ve won against your opponent you’ll be smiling from ear to ear. If you’re ready to take on the challenge of stacking tyres then head on over to StackAttack and get hands on with the controls of a AVANT 200 Series Compact Loader!


Our JCB Skid Steer Loaders have been specially adapted for our visitors to use, and drive round a course. Robots are great fun and definitely loved by the whole family. If you’re over the height of 90cm then you’ll be able to join in with the fun. If you’re over 110cm then you’re in for a treat as you’ll be able to operate the machine all by yourself!


The ultimate ride to get anyone smiling has to be the JCB 3CX. We all had dreams of driving around in a JCB but now Diggerland brings your dreams to life! If you’re over 140cm then the driving experience in the JCB 3CX will have you smiling, giggling and laughing as you complete twists and turns in this monster machine. If you’re not up for the challenge of driving, then you’re also welcome to sit in the back of the cab and be driven around instead!


Spindizzy is definitely a ride that will really split our visitors. If you’re someone that’s a real thrill seeker, then this is certainly a ride for you. Whether it brings pure happiness and a smile to your face, or if it leaves you feeling slightly queasy, that’s down to you to find out!

Get ready to be strapped into our bespoke, custom made bucket, and prepare for the ride of your life. Perhaps try and take in the surrounding views if you aren’t too dizzy!

Spindizzy at Diggerland UK THeme Park
StackAttack Man concentrating
Go Karts

History of World Smile Day 

World Smile Day is actually in honour of Harvery Ball who created the Smiley Face way back in 1963, probably before a lot of our readers were even born! The smiley has come a long way since then and people use the smiley as a method of communication. Harvey Ball however was a commercial artist and he drew the smiley face all those years ago and then sold smiley face cuddly toys. 

The message for World Smile Day is “Do an act of kindness. Help one person SMILE.”

Harvey wanted people to remember the original intent behind his Smiley and proposed that everyone around the world should devote one day each year to smiles and acts of kindness. That’s why we now have World Smile Day! 

Smile All Year Round 

You don’t have to smile and show kindness just one day of the year though. Love, appreciation and lovely gestures can be demonstrated all year round. 

Smiling helps people deal with mental health issues too such as anxiety, depression and even loneliness. Have you ever just smiled and said hello to someone? Some people will think you’re a bit mad but most will absolutely love the gesture and it will make their entire day. 

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*All information and prices correct as of 07/10/2022.