Why Is Soft Play Beneficial To Children?

Diggerland UK is a fantastic day out for the whole family to enjoy, especially when we have a fantastic soft play area perfect for children to let off some steam throughout the day!

Not only will they have an amazing day at our park, making new friends and enjoying the soft play, they will also be working on skills that will benefit their growth. How is soft play so great for children’s learning, we hear you ask?


It’s important to get your children to interact with others from an early age. Whether this is with other children their age or even people of all ages, it will help them grow into a sociable individual. Soft play is a wonderful opportunity to meet others, form friendships and gain some independence away from parents. Even if it’s just for a few hours!

Here at Diggerland, we love seeing little ones playing in the ball pit together, or taking it in turns on their favourite Little Tikes trike. 


The NHS recommends that toddlers, young children and adults should aim for at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. This could be going for a long walk, swimming, dancing and yes, even soft play. As long as you’re partaking in moderate or vigorous intensity physical activity, then it counts.

Children are always known for keeping adults and parents on their toes, so why not get involved too. We are often seeing adults clambering round the soft play area hunting for their children. It could also be the perfect way to get some more precious minutes of exercise in!


We actively encourage children to be creative whilst in our soft play area. Whether this be through role play using our Little Tikes Cottages. Alternatively, challenging other children to a race to the top of the slide, through a thoughtfully designed path in the soft play area. Let your children’s imagination run wild, and allow their creative juices to flow!

Little Tikes Play Area


Do you struggle with getting your child to sleep in the evening? Studies show that children who do a lot more exercise in the daytime will actually take less time to fall asleep at bedtime! Anything is worth a try when it comes to sleep, and spending time in our soft play area is also fun!


With 4 Diggerland parks around the UK, our soft play areas do differ slightly in terms of what we have to offer. 


If you’re visiting Diggerland Kent, then the children have access to a storey soft play area, complete with giant slides, squishy rollers and a ball pit. There is also a bouncy castle to complete the room. 

For those not interested in running around, we also have an indoor and outdoor Little Tikes area complete with the latest merchandise. Will you be riding the Chompin’ Dino trike or rocking back and forth with a buddy on the Whale Teeter Totter?

Additionally, we have even more fun in store for visitors. Make the most of our coin operated ball pit diggers and table football. There’s plenty to do just in our soft play area, let alone the rest of the park!


Here at Diggerland Devon, we have a large ball pit for children to dive into. However, the main attraction is the outdoor play area and zip lines. It’s certainly every child’s idea of a perfect day out. Climb over the suspended rickety wooden planks or whizz down the giant slide!

Again, similar to Kent, our Diggerland Devon also has a dedicated Little Tikes area for our smaller visitors to make use of.


If you’re planning on using the soft play area at Diggerland Durham, then a two storey play area is available. Plus, optional arcade games for everyone to enjoy. Customers will also be able to see the setup of our party area, if a Diggerland themed birthday party is something you’re thinking about for your little one.  

With 20 different rides and drives at the park and a dedicated soft play area, your children will be spoilt for choice!


Are you planning a family day out in Yorkshire? Diggerland Yorkshire is the place to go. Construction machinery and a soft play area, what more could you ask for. Similar to the other parks, our Yorkshire park has a two storey soft play area with plenty of arcade games for customers to also enjoy.

If it rains on the day of your visit then there is still somewhere to entertain the kids inside! 


We’d recommend pre-booking tickets to visit any of our Diggerland parks. Not only will this save you money off of our on the day prices, but it also guarantees your entry to the park. 

When you pre-book online, tickets are £25.95 per person for anyone over the height of 90cm. Guests over the age of 65 will receive a further discount as tickets are only £12.97 per person! Of course, anyone under 90cm will enter for free.

Diggerland UK is open everyday up until 4th September, so there’s plenty of time for a trip to the most fun child friendly UK attraction. You can find all our opening dates and more details here!


*All information and prices correct as of 24/08/2022.