Who would enjoy Diggerland’s theme park in the UK?

Here at Diggerland theme park in the UK, we often get asked who Diggerland is actually for! Is it just for the kids or can the parents get involved too? What about young adults and teenagers? Well, we’re very proud to say that we think we have something for everyone.

Our Diggerland parks based in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire are mainly suited for children aged between 4 and 14 years old. However, that’s not to say that adults wouldn’t enjoy a go or two on Spindizzy! Alongside the theme park, we also offer adult experience days which are perfect for thrill-seekers over the age of 17 years old. 

But, it isn’t just the great British public that enjoys a day or two at Diggerland theme park in the UK! Over the years we’ve had some pretty famous faces enter our gates, let’s have a look at some of the most memorable Diggerland visitors. 


Most recently, YouTube sensations, The Sidemen took a trip to Diggerland theme park in the UK for a hilarious video. In a birthday challenge video, the group was split into two. KSI, Miniminter and Tobjizzle headed to Diggerland, while the rest of the boys ventured to a petting zoo in London. 

The boys started their day by racing through Diggerland on quad bikes before making their way to our adult experiences area. Here JJ, Tobi and Simon learned how to operate and drive a JCB 3CX with one of our experienced trainers. While Tobi and Simon loved driving their own JCB, KSI wanted to try out something bigger.

Of course, we had to chuck him into our Monster Digger! It wasn’t long before he realised that operating a machine that big was a bit more difficult than he had expected! After their experiences, the Sidemen got to enjoy the thrills of Diggerland, including Spindizzy and Groundshuttle. 

You can watch their full video on YouTube here to see just how much they loved Diggerland!

Diggerland’s theme park in the UK


Back in 2020, we managed to squeeze in a visit for two famous faces you might recognise off the telly! Take That star Howard Donald and TV presenter Keith Lemon headed to Diggerland theme park in the UK for an episode of Keith’s TV show called ‘Shopping with Keith Lemon’. 

The pair had a day of fun and competition as they faced off in a traditional game of ‘Hook-a-Duck’. Except it wasn’t traditional in any way as the two had to hook their ducks using a Komatsu mini digger!

Unfortunately, you can no longer watch the full video on the ITV 2 Hub – but we’re sure there are plenty of clips on YouTube you can dig around for! 

Group days out at Diggerland UK


Alongside our celebrity guests, Diggerland has been used many times as a filming location for some great TV shows. Our first venture onto the big screen was back in 2008 on DIY SOS. Diggerland played a crucial role as Nick Knowles and Julian Perryman used the park’s equipment to complete their project. 

More recently, comedy legend, Susan Calman, visited Diggerland as part of her ‘Grand Day Out’ TV programme. As Susan travelled along the Kent coastline in her campervan, she popped into our Diggerland Theme Park in Kent to take part in some fire rescue training. All of our machines are sure to guarantee a fun family day out, but they can also be essential in assisting the police and fire service. 

Okay, so this one wasn’t technically filmed at Diggerland theme park in the UK… But, who’s little one’s love a bit of Peppa Pig? We know the kids can’t get enough of this loveable, and slightly bossy, little pig. Throughout the show, we see Peppa visit new and exciting places with Mummy, Daddy and George Pig.

We can’t help but spot a slight resemblance to our parks when Peppa goes to Diggerland Amusement Theme Park with her family. If a day of digging and mud is good enough for Peppa Pig herself, well then it’s good enough for us! Why not get your little ones excited to visit Diggerland and check out Peppa’s adventure on their YouTube channel here?!


Before you visit Diggerland, we recommend all guests pre-book their tickets – especially over the school holidays. Our parks in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire can get extremely busy so you don’t want to miss out! All guests who pre-book online will also benefit from saving £6 per ticket with our online discounted rate!

Pre-booked tickets cost:

  • £25.95 per person for anyone who is over the height of 90cm
  • £12.97 per person for anyone who is over the age of 65
  • Anyone under 90cm enters free of charge
  • Carers enter for free with anyone registered as disabled

Pay on the day tickets cost:

  • £32 per person for anyone who is over the height of 90cm
  • £16 per person for anyone over the age of 65
  • Anyone under 90cm enters free of charge
  • Carers enter for free with anyone registered as disabled

Once you’ve booked your tickets, you should receive a confirmation from our Diggerland team confirming your visit! All that’s left to do is turn up and have a dig-tastic day!


*All information and prices correct as of 15/07/2022.