What To Expect – May Half Term at UK Theme Park, Diggerland

Half term is approaching! Finding a fun day out that’s engaging for the children and adults may seem impossible. Stress no more… Here at Diggerland you will find activities at our UK Theme Park that are educational and stimulating. 


Theme park thrill or coming along for the ride – we have rides for everyone!

Digging for fun?

From scooping up a bucket full of soil and swivelling it about, to digging for buried treasure. Here are some of our digging rides ready for you and the children to dig up some half term fun.  

  • Giant Diggers – hop on a Komatsu PC55MR-5 tracked excavators! Scoop up a bucket full of soil, swivel about and dump it. 
  • Dirt Diggers- a Komatsu PC26 is waiting for you… Dig it, scoop it, move it, dump it, 
  • Buried Treasure- Operate a Komatsu PC14 mini digger to find buried treasure. 
Buried Treasure

Fancy a spin?

Climb aboard, take your seat and get spinning on some of our most exhilarating rides. 

  • Train- All aboard! The engine is a Thwaites 1 tonne dumper with kiddie follow carts. 
  • Spindizzy- Climb aboard and take your seat. Up you go and around and around and then… you stop! But then you start getting spun around in the other direction!  
  • Skyshuttle – Enjoy breathtaking views 50 feet up in the air to give you a bird’s eye view of the rural countryside surrounding your chosen Park. 
  • Joyrider – Get behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Pajero and go for a joy-ride around our special 400 metre course.
  • Groundshuttle – Get taken for a teeth-rattling, stomach-churning spin around the specially configured course in a JCB Telehandler. 
  • Dig-A-Round – This adapted JCB 8060 will certainly put you in a spin… not just forwards, but backwards as well! 

Along for the ride? 

Jump in the driving seat and off you go! Experience driving all sorts of vehicles such as a Terex 1 tonne dumper or even a JCB Skid Steer Loader known as a ‘JCB Robot’. 

  • Robots – These JCB Skid Steer Loaders are also known as “JCB Robots”, and they have been especially adapted for Diggerland’s visitors to drive around. 
  • Mini Tractor – Ride around in a custom adapted mini-tractor. 
  • Mini Land Rover – Get behind the steering wheel and controls of one of our mini Land Rovers and take it for a joy-ride around our specially constructed tracks.
  • JCB Rides/Drives – Enjoy a trip around the course, with one of them actually driving the machine. 
  • Go-Karts – The Diggerland Go-Kart tracks have been specially laid-out to include as many challenging twists and turns as possible to really test the drivers’ driving skills and reflexes as they speed around the course. 
  • Dumpers – Drive a Terex 1 tonne dumpers and take it for a spin around the purpose-built course.
  • Crazy Carts – Ride an all-electric Crazy Carts and spin around and around in either direction, do “doughnuts”, drive and coast at speeds of up to 20kmph.

Test your ability:

Test your skills on our range of activities designed to challenge concentration,hand-eye coordination, patience and reflexes.

  • Stack Attack – Find yourself at the controls of an AVANT 200 Series loader. Work against the clock to pick-up, move and stack giant digger and dumper tyres.
  • Skittles – Hop on a Komatsu PC14 and knock over all ten skittles.
  • Dippy Ducks – You need concentration, great hand-eye coordination, and no small measure of patience to hook a little duck out of the water, and then to do it again.

Perfect for all ages and heights:

Here at Diggerland we have height restrictions on all of our rides and drives. Feel free to browse our height chart to see which rides will be suitable for your child.

Children between the height of 80cm-100cm will be measured on arrival. Children are measured with their shoes on. 

For our smaller visitors, all of our Diggerland UK theme parks now have Little Tikes Wheelz Play Zones where children under 5 and under can enjoy playing with Little Tike toys. 

Upcoming birthday in May?

Diggerland is the perfect location for a birthday party this May Half term with the weather turning cheery – our UK Theme Park is a no brainer. Purchase Diggerland tickets as standard and upgrade your booking for a further £40 to include exclusive use of our birthday party celebrations/ fun group area. 


Opening times during May Half Term 

As well as being open every weekend in May we will also be open from Monday the 29th of May 2023 till Friday the 2nd of May with the opening hours of 10am-5pm. 


Unsure on your child’s half term dates find them linked below:

Kent- Term dates – Kent County Council

Durham- School holiday and term dates – Durham County Council

Yorkshire- School term and holiday dates | North Yorkshire Council

Devon- School term dates – Education and Families (devon.gov.uk)

Need some extra inspiration for half term fun?

Check out our Kids Club page on our website with colouring sheets and puzzles for the children to get stuck into – a couple of hours of peace for the parents!

prebook your diggerland tickets today!

All information correct as of: 22/05/2023