Visiting UK theme parks in the colder weather

Saturday 12th February, the first day of our 2022 season. Is it pencilled in your diary yet? Although we are incredibly excited to welcome back our visitors, we wanted to let you all know that our UK theme parks will still remain open during the colder months. Take a look at our top tips for visiting, and what to expect when you arrive!


As we are an outdoor attraction, it is very difficult to ensure all of our rides are under cover. Visiting Diggerland UK theme parks in the colder, wet weather is sometimes off-putting for some of our visitors, however it can often end up being more enjoyable! Check out our top tips below to enjoy a day out at Diggerland…


Pack spare shoes

When it’s raining, we know it’s impossible to keep clean, let alone dry. We strongly advise our customers to keep a spare pair of shoes in the car, to change into, especially if they have young children! Wearing wellies to our theme parks often prevents children ruining any nice shoes or trainers they own. 

Take a change of clothes

Along with shoes, we would also recommend wrapping up warm, and even bringing a spare jacket or even trousers if you do happen to get drenched! 

Prepare for the mud!

Of course there is going to be mud, you’re going to be enjoying operating construction machinery! When the weather’s a bit grey or rainy, it can get slippery climbing in and out of machines. Be sure to take care when entering the ride areas, and don’t rush. There’s plenty of time to enjoy all of the rides and drives at our UK theme parks. 

Take care walking around the theme park

Although all of our UK theme parks have been designed with a simple layout made of either tarmac or gravel, we would advise you to mind your step. We wouldn’t want anyone slipping over due to the rain, or even frost!


As construction machinery can be used in all types of weather normally, we will be open during the rainy season. We will typically be open in all weathers, but we do have some restrictions that can sometimes be put in place.

Should we receive torrential storms and high winds then we often choose to restrict some of the taller rides. Spindizzy and Skyshuttle can be temporarily closed for everyone’s safety.

So what if it snows?

The management team at every park will carry out a health and safety inspection before making the decision to open. Should we get heavy snow then there is a high chance that we would be closed to the public. Anyone who has pre booked tickets will then be refunded or offered a date change. 

We would also always recommend checking the weather before your visit!


If you haven’t already seen, we have been shouting about our 2022 opening dates on social media! Are you planning family days out in 2022?

Well now’s the time to check our calendar to find out exactly when we are open and what time. Please bear in mind that during the colder months we are only open between 10am – 4pm. However, this will change to 5pm when the nights are lighter. 

Check out our 2022 opening dates here


Our booking system is now live, and visitors are now able to select the date, and pre-book their tickets for our 2022 season. Will you be visiting Diggerland Kent, Durham or Yorkshire?

Don’t forget that any tickets pre-booked before your chosen visit date will also be at a reduced rate of £22.80pp instead of the pay on the day rate of £28.00pp* for anyone over the height of 90cm. 

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*All prices correct as of 26/01/2022

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