Love is in the mud!

Love is in the air at Diggerland this February and we want you to be a part of the festivities! The first special holiday of the year is quickly approaching which means Diggerland’s parks will soon be full of happy couples. We cannot wait to stuff our mouths with yummy treats and spend precious time with our loved ones. This year is all about trying out new unique experiences and creating long-lasting memories. But trying to find unique Valentine date ideas can feel overwhelming so we have planned the perfect weekend of love that you can enjoy at any of our parks.

Diggerland’s gates will open wide on the 15th of February! We are so excited to see smiling couples wandering hand in hand around our beloved parks. We have planned out our dream unique Valentine trips and are confident you will be amazed by the exhilarating events available to book! 

Love in Kent

Road trip to kent? Or are you a local? Well, either way, a night away from home with your partner is always a relaxing, fun adventure. We would recommend starting your loved up weekend with an overnight stay at the beautiful North Downs Barn. This spacious barn conversation is the perfect spot for cuddling in front of the fireplace. This highly reviewed B&B offers a range of facilities such as:

  • Free off-road parking
  • Free wi-fi
  • And even a free breakfast!

 Once you’ve enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast you are just a short 7-minute drive away from celebrating your unique valentines at Diggerland Kent. Our famous Rochester park has been the backdrop for many lovely events and we have even hosted a wedding reception! Because of this, we know our park is the perfect spot to enjoy a unique valentine! Spend the day snapping picks together whilst enjoying our varied range of rides & drives. With a mixture of competing and working as a team, it’s the perfect place to create memories and grow closer. 

After you’re both worn out from the exhilarating day we would recommend taking a short drive to the delightful Rochester Highstreet. The Dickens high street is populated with a selection of unique restaurants and quaint boutiques.

A special day…

Perfect for a romantic getaway, after the full-on day of messing around, we would recommend having a romantic meal at Simply Italian. This popular restaurant slogan is famously “Simple food, served with a smile” and the amazing reviews really showcase this! 

To make your weekend-long unique valentines even more memorable we suggest taking a relaxing drive around the twisty country roads. There are plentiful of luscious farms to enjoy a relaxing walk together. Our favourite unique valentines date idea in Kent is spending time at Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats. 

Take turns feeding and stroking the 100’s of goats throughout this amazing charity based sanctuary. Entry fees are made by a small donation to help provide support to the sanctuary but we believe it is well worth it! Being surrounded by these cute creatures whilst enjoying aromatic coffee is most definitely a memorable valentine! 

Love in Durham

Previously the home of a group of Monks in AD 995 Durham is well known for being the home of an a range of castles and cathedrals. To enjoy every second of your unique valentine in Durham, we suggest spending the weekend as a royal couple! Every King and Queen needs a castle so spend your evening of romance at the stunning Lumley Castle

This four-star castle screams luxury and is the perfect way of showing your love to your loved one(s) but if you’re unable to book, there is a large range of castles in the area to decide on. From £249.00 per couple, this is definitely a treat worth paying for and you can expect to receive:

  • A large bottle of Prosecco to share 
  • A collection of 12 red roses complimented with a box of chocolate treats 
  • An overnight stay in a four-poster king-sized bed 
  • A luxurious breakfast when you wake up with the added bonus of a late check-out

To make the most of the weekend we would suggest staying in and enjoying candlelight dinner at the Castle. Lumley claims to offer the full valentine package of choice, quality and elegance which is why we believe it is the perfect place to spend your unique valentines. 


To keep in theme with the vintage aesthetic of the castle we recommend visiting The living museum of the north, Beamish. This award-winning experience offers visitors the opportunity to experience what life was like in North England during the 1820s and early 1900s. It is so realistic that scenes of Downtown Abbey were actually filmed on the grounds. 

Now that you’ve shared a romantic weekend travelling back in time together why not snap back to 2020 with a visit to Diggerland Durham! Just a short 19-minute drive away from your castle you can expect an abundance of exhilarating moments at Diggerland. While continuing your weekend of luxurious memories why not book two tickets for an adult experience day such as: 

Having a go at any of the above experiences is sure to be perfect for any unique valentine plan, we recommend booking tickets to avoid missing out on your dream valentine. 


Yorkshire is the home to a range of our favourite chocolates such as:

  • KitKat 
  • Chocolate Orange 
  • Yorkie Bar 

Enjoy a sweet valentine with your favourite person in Yorkshire. Start your love-filled weekend with some TLC (tender loving care) at Oulton Hall Yorkshire and let go of all the weeks stresses while enjoying some bubbles. Once you feel zen spoil your taste pallet with a cocoa filled surprise by taking a trip to Yorks Chocolate Story

This delightful spot offers a valentines tour for under £40 a couple, this unique tour includes:

  • Chocolate smothered strawberries with a glass of bubbles
  • A romantic tour treating you to insight on Yorks Chocolate history 
  • A platter of unique hand-crafted chocolates for you to nibble and share 
  • You’re even given a chance to decorate a handful of your own special chocolate creations.

After a nice relaxing day of chilling and chocolate eating why not spice things up with some adrenalin? Just 11 minutes away stands our amazing Yorkshire Diggerland Park!  Get your hearts pumping in unison while you both enjoy a day trip in a Theme Park like no other. In our list of unique Valentines ideas, a visit to Diggerland ranks right at the top because the facilities provide a bundle of laughs and unforgettable moments! 

We hope reading this has been insightful for planning for your special date weekend and for any future unique date nights you plan in the future! 


If you’re going on a romantic road trip this February and want to surprise the other half with a top of the range electric vehicle we suggest having a browse at EVision. Spend your weekend with your beloved driving in style between the above destinations, economical and sleek! You could be in control (or activate the self-drive function) of:

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