Top 5 Things To Do In Kent For Adults

When it comes to things to do for families and children you’re spoilt for choice in Kent. However, when it comes to activities for the adults, you’re a little more limited. We’ve put together our top 5 things to do in Kent for adults. They’re super unique too! 


OK, we know you’re looking at the picture thinking well that’s not a Dumper! And you would be right. The machine you are actually looking at is a JCB Skid Steer Loader or better known as ‘Robot’. 

Back in the day at Diggerland, 17 year olds and over would quite literally race in a Dumper however due to good old Health and Safety the machines had to be changed. Hence, participants now race in a JCB Skid Steer and we’ve got to say they’re actually way, WAY more fun! So why not change the name? Well you’ve got us because there’s really no answer for that!

Speed and skill are equally important when it comes to racing these super nippy little machines. On your marks, get set, Go! Drive your machine as fast as you can forward, turn, reverse, OK now pick up the traffic cone… QUICK race back!

You and your friends or loved ones will have bundles of laughs as you compete against each other or the other teams in a series of heats. 

These Dumper Racing events run from April through to October usually starting late afternoon and run into the evening. You can bring spectators along too to cheer you on. 

If you want exclusive use of Diggerland after hours, get enough of your friends and family together to have your very own VIP experience and hire the area out so you have it all to yourselves. 

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If you’d rather have a more hands on experience getting to grips with the controls and being a machine operator yourself, then perhaps the JCB Group Experience is more up your alley. 

Jump inside your very own JCB machine and share an instructor between three other participants. 

Learn how to use the controls to scoop the earth with the front bucket. Now reverse your machine, be sure to look behind you! OK, now drive forward and turn your machine. Control the boom and digger arm, slew left and right and watch the earth fall as you tilt and tip the bucket. You’re doing great!

JCB Driving Experience - Adults Day Out - Diggerland

Now complete a 90° degree turn of your machine. You’re about to use the backhoe loader. Lift the lever on the right of your seat and turn your seat 90° too so you’re now facing the backhoe. Let’s open the rear window of the machine so you get a better view. OK, operate the controls and lower the stabiliser feet. Now you’re all set to use the backhoe. Get scooping! 

You can either book a space for yourself and join three other participants in a small group enjoying your own machine. Alternatively,  get a group of friends together to book your own exclusive experience at a time and date that suits you all, enjoying your very own VIP adventure.

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If you’d rather go hard or go home, then you need the Monster Digger in your life. You won’t feel any other satisfaction like this! 

Getting into the cab of a 22 tonne machine, anyone will feel absolutely tiny. Quite literally being inside this humongous machine and having total control over it is a powerful experience. 

Unique Experience Days
monster digger experience

Using a digger bucket that weighs more than a Fiat 500 is a little disconcerting. If you crash that bucket to the ground it will make a huge thud, as well as lift your machine which is quite unnerving. This is why you need to have complete control and patience. It’s no easy task but you will get there and when you do believe us when we say it is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Unearth your inner machine operator and marvel when you watch a tonne of earth fall from your bucket onto a gratifying mound. 

This is a one to one experience with an instructor, although you can bring spectators who are welcome to watch from the viewing area. 

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If you’re looking for a variety of activities as things for adults to do in Kent then come to Diggerland and hire out the park for an adults only party! 

You’ll need a minimum of 15 grown ups to book your VIP exclusive after hours visit. Select an evening of your choice and be blown away by how much fun adults can have in a theme park all to yourselves! 

Compete against one another to see who can pick up as many ducks as possible in just 3 minutes! Knock down as many skittles as you can or dig for buried treasure! 

Enjoy a bumpy ride on the Groundshuttle or revel in an off-road experience driving your very own JCB 3CX! 

There’s no waiting or queuing for rides… the park is literally yours! Plus you’ll also receive a personalised certificate to commemorate your day.

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One thing Kent can boast about is a wide variety of accommodation options to suit a range of budgets. With more Premier Inn hotels than you can count on two hands, the choice is there to stick to what you know best. Looking for a hotel with a spa? The 4* Bridgewood Manor Hotel in Chatham is close to Diggerland and boasts an indoor pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, hot stone beds and gym. Plus you can also book a wide range of beauty treatments. 

If there’s a group of you though and you’re looking for something more luxurious then look no further as we’ve got you covered with a treat right up your street. Located in the heart of Rochester is a splendid Tudor Villa. It sleep up to 12 guests in 6 bedrooms and boasts a huge dining room perfect for a private dining experience. There’s also a hot tub and sauna! 

Set back from the hustle and bustle of Rochester this Villa is situated in a quiet spot behind Rochester Cathedral. However, for bars, restaurants, tea rooms and quaint shops galore you’re just a 5 minute walk away. If enjoying a relaxing evening indoors is more your thing, you can even book well-respected massage therapists, Reflections Massage and Wellbeing. The team will create an incredibly relaxing experience, taking care of everything including massage couch, towels, blankets and music in a beautiful ambiance with relaxation lights and aromatherapy.


So, there you have it! Our top 5 things to do in Kent for adults. From racing around in a digger to enjoying your very own operator’s experience in a JCB or Monster excavator. Plus an adults only theme park party to bring out your inner child to finally relaxing at the end of the day in a beautiful historic Tudor Villa.

What more could you ask for?

*All information correct as of 18/10/2022.