Theme Park in Durham: Ultimate Digger Adventure

Welcome to the one and only Diggerland theme park in Durham! Nestled in the heart of Durham, this unique attraction offers an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. In this blog post, we’ll explore the thrilling rides at Diggerland, including the must-try Spindizzy, Groundshuttle, and Skyshuttle. Plus, discover the added perk of celebrating special occasions like birthdays by renting a party room for an exclusive celebration!

Diggerland’s Unique Appeal

Diggerland stands out from traditional theme parks with its one-of-a-kind concept that allows visitors to operate and play on real construction machinery. The park seamlessly combines education and entertainment, making it an ideal destination for families, thrill-seekers, and anyone looking for a day of fun and adventure.

Diggerland UK Theme Park


Buckle up for a whirlwind adventure on Spindizzy, a ride that takes the traditional concept of a spin ride to a whole new level. Mounted onto a Komatsu machine, Spindizzy delivers an exhilarating experience as it rotates and tilts, giving riders a unique and thrilling perspective of the park. The panoramic views and the sensation of spinning in a construction vehicle make Spindizzy a must-try attraction for adrenaline enthusiasts.


For those seeking a different kind of thrill, Groundshuttle offers an off-road adventure like no other. Climb aboard this JCB machine and navigate through challenging terrains, feeling the power and agility of the vehicle as it conquers hills, bumps, and obstacles. Groundshuttle is a fantastic way to experience the true capabilities of heavy-duty machinery while enjoying an exciting ride.



Take your Diggerland experience to new heights with Skyshuttle, a ride that combines the thrill of a construction lift with the excitement of an amusement park attraction. Ascend to the sky and enjoy breathtaking views of Durham as you reach heights that will make your heart race. Skyshuttle offers a unique blend of excitement and scenic beauty, making it a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

Birthday Parties at Diggerland:

Make your special day even more memorable by celebrating your birthday at this theme park in Durham! The park offers the option to hire a birthday party room for three hours, providing an exclusive space for you and your guests. For an additional £40 on top of the regular admission price, enjoy a private setting, decorate the room to suit your theme, and make your birthday celebration truly unique.

Fun at the Theme Park in Durham

Diggerland is more than just a theme park in Durham; it’s a hands-on, adrenaline-pumping adventure that allows visitors to explore the world of construction machinery in a fun and safe environment. With rides such as Spindizzy, Groundshuttle, and Skyshuttle, along with the option to rent a birthday party room for special occasions, Diggerland promises an unforgettable experience for everyone. Plan your visit today and discover why Diggerland is the ultimate theme park in Durham, blending excitement, education, and celebration in a way that’s truly groundbreaking.

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All information correct as of: 02/02/2024