The Ultimate UK Attraction – Everything You Need to Know About Skyshuttle

Some of you may have already been to Diggerland, the ultimate UK attraction, but we are certain you don’t know much about the construction machinery involved. Are we right?

This week we focus on Skyshuttle, the telehandler inspired attraction that lifts guests up 50 feet in the air. Keep reading to find out more about this particular ride!


As we previously mentioned Skyshuttle uses a telehandler to lift guests high up into the air. Not only do visitors get to enjoy a ride in the bucket of a telehandler, they can also get an amazing birds eye view of the entire park and surrounding areas. Be sure to have a camera ready to snap some photos of your fabulous day out, and don’t forget to check out the Skyshuttle in action!

Anyone over the height of 80cm, including adults and children can enjoy the Skyshuttle ride.

Would you be brave enough to take on this UK attraction, to reap the rewards of fantastic views of the rural countryside? 

Fun Facts

Did you know that the machine used for this specific ride is a Manitou 1840. 

The beginning number means that it is an 18 metre telehandler that can lift a maximum capacity of 4kg. 

The price of this machine will vary however it can be purchased for roughly £86,000. One of the most expensive modes of transport, you’ve probably sat in!

The telehandler used for Skyshuttle has been modified in house by our sister company, Masterhitch Europe Ltd. A telehandler bucket has been custom made to allow visitors to safely sit in and enjoy the ride. 


Now you know about Skyshuttle, here’s for the educational section! Do you know what a telehandler is normally used for?

Similar to a forklift, telehandlers are also very useful! For example, they are widely used in the construction industry for a variety of jobs including:

  • Lifting pallets and packaged goods
  • Moving around heavy equipment
  • Reaching up to high floors of a building
  • Picking up dirt using a bucket attachment

Tthe agricultural and events industry would also use telehandlers often. They are used for lifting up hay for animals, and even removing crashed cars on a race track, how exciting is that!


Diggerland UK Theme Park can be found in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire. The fun-filled theme park is fantastic for family days out, and is specifically aimed at children aged 4 – 14.  Alongside Skyshuttle, the parks boast 19 other attractions, and coin operated rides, perfect for the whole family. Whether you want to get to grips on the dirt diggers, or you’re a thrill seeker desperately wanting to experience the famous UK attraction, Spindizzy, there’s plenty to do!


Although we are currently closed for the winter season, there’s still a chance to get tickets for when we open in 2022.

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